Western Happenings

September 5, 2013


Short term goals are what keeps us going. I'm training for a 15k and I can't just go out and expect to run that far tomorrow or even in few weeks. Every weekend I have a goal and I have that goal in my running app that cheers me on as I'm running. You are more likely to stick to a goal when it's known especially if it's something out of your comfort zone. Learning is very much out of our comfort zone. Below you will see Math Fluency goals by fifth graders made known and are based on their Grasp score. I can't wait to see their improvement!

Vegetable Garden is starting to take shape!

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RTI Team

RTi team has been working hard to coordinate students to people of highest level of needs. We need to realize that everyone works better with very concrete goals that they understand. Students need to know I'm trying to improve my reading fluency, phonics, comprehension, number sense, ability to write summaries, or whatever. Make sure you put your essential questions or targets up for everyone to see and understand.


Mrs. Sutton's class designed apple carriers. Each design had to carry as many apples as possible over a measured distance.