How Corporations Control the News

by Max Brown


We are being controlled by four American corporations through the news, they control what we can learn about the world around us and keep information that could make us view them in a negative light.

Source 1:

Evidence Supplied by Source

  1. Four American corporations control nine news outlets.
  2. Includes company that has 178 million users.
  3. News Corp controls newspaper companies in Europe and Australia.

6 Corporations That Control Your Perception | Think Tank

Source 2:

Evidence Supplied by Source

  1. Six corporations control media.
  2. Corporations control what goes on air and what people see.
  3. Media outlets can't say news that goes against corporation that controls them.
  4. BP bribed scientists with 5 billion dollars to say that bacteria eats oil in Gulf.
  5. Corporations bribe and control news networks as well as government.

Source 3:

  1. Corporations make it difficult to get actual information in the US
  2. Control the information, making it harder to get information about what's happening in and out of US
Revealing the Corporate Control of Information - Shadows of Liberty

How Corporations Control the Populace

Using the evidence supplied by my three sources I can safely say that my thesis is correct. Instead of the government controlling us through the news it is the corporations that control us through the news. The first source from confirms that only six huge corporations control almost all of the media and that includes the news, they control at least 90% of it an it's all for one goal: to make more money. The second source from Think Tank confirms that corporations control the news and use it control people and make them view them in a more positive light, they also keep harmful information from people that could make the public not like them. My third and final source from Shadows of Liberty confirms that corporations control the people of the US by controlling the information that gets to them.