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Week of June 13 - June 17

Tower of Paw Power

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We have filled our Tower of Paw Power! All year long students are encouraged to be safe, responsible and respectful. It's the Lynx way! Each time students are observed being safe, responsible and respectful by a teacher or staff member, they are given a PAWsitive. If a student has earned 30 PAWsitives, they can exchange them for a power paw which can be used to buy items in the student store or turned in for a special extra recess once a month during spirit week. Once the Power Paw has been used, it gets deposited in to the Tower of Paw Power. PAWsitives are used throughout the school to teach students positive behaviors, keep students engaged and to help create a positive culture and climate within themselves that then affects the school as a whole. Recognizing PAWsitive behaviors reinforces our core values. PAWsitives and Power Paws are part of our school-wide incentive program Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). Students work hard all year to fill the tower. Mrs. Brodniak and Mrs. Lule agreed to do something extraordinary once the tower is filled. Suggestions were made, votes were cast and the list was narrowed down to: dancing with tutus, have a scooter race or get slime poured over them. All of the final suggestions were so good that Mrs. Brodniak and Mrs. Lule decided to do all three! On the day of the sliming, Mrs. Brodniak and Mrs. Lule put on their tutus, grabbed their scooters, and raced out to the playground where the whole school was waiting for their arrival. Excitement was in the air. The dynamic duo climbed up on to their perch and waited for the fun to begin. Mr. Cossio had the honors of pouring the thick, green slime over their heads. Bucket after bucket was poured until the slime was gone and the ladies were thoroughly covered. The kids were going wild. They loved to see all of their hard work pay off in such an awesome way. Seeing our principal and assistant principal covered in goo was definitely worth all of the hard work the students have put in all year long.

6th grade Outdoor Science School

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May 16th-18th 6th grade students from LSES attended Outdoor Science School. This year Camp Magruder in Rockaway Beach was the site. The 6th graders kicked off their ODSS experience by tie dying t-shirts to wear as they embarked on their adventure. The bus was loaded by 8:30 and they were off.

After several “are we there yets?” the bus arrived. Counselors sang and clapped as the students climbed off the bus. The teachers were whisked away to be “cloned”. The students were given tours of the sight, moved into their cabins and fed a healthy lunch. After settling in the first field study was experienced.

The field study experiences were exciting and hands on. At water field study the students tested water for oxygenation and caught fish, insects and salamanders on Smith Lake. At animal field study the students dissected squid, played a predator and prey game in the woods and caught mole crabs on the beach. At plant field study the students explored the woods on a very challenging hike (this was listed as a favorite my most!) Earth field study started out on the beach. The kids drew maps of the state of Oregon and crafted the State’s geographical features. When they were finished they used stakes to mark the features. They moved on to studying gyres (whirlpools) and the large garbage islands in the ocean. Last, they visited the onsite compost facility.

ODSS was not all work, a lot of play was had as well. A night hike was a popular event on day one. The students learned a new game called Gaga Ball on the playground. They shot hoops and played soccer. On day two free time on the beach was enjoyed and Dr. Earth (the site supervisor) surprised the kids with a campfire complete with s’mores on the beach!

Many students expressed a desire to go back to Outdoor Science School as a counselor. They wrote notes to their 10th grades selves reminding them of the fun they had.

Proud To Be HSD Festival

A great time was had by all at the second annual Proud to be HSD Festival in downtown Hillsboro on Saturday, May 21. Once again, a highlight of the event was the hilarious Mascot Challenge, which resulted in Captain Crimson from Glencoe High School emerging victorious. Several celebrities participated in the challenge including the Hillsboro Hops’ mascot Barley (2015 champion), Portland State's mascot Victor E. Viking and Portland Winterhawks’ mascot Tom-a-Hawk. Many thanks to everyone who participated in the event—you make us so proud to be HSD!

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What's happening this week:



Field Day

Mariachi 4:00PM-5:30PM


No Early Release

Kindergarten completion ceremony 12:30PM-1:30PM


Last day of school!

6th grade promotion ceremony 9:00AM-10:00AM

Early Release 11:05AM


No School

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