Learning How To Be a Psychologist

through independent study

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Questions I will answer while going through independent study.

What do you hope to learn? What tactics I have to learn to help people the most

Why is this important to you? I plan to do this as a job when I become an adult.

What will you need to complete your project? Computer, internet, and time.

What key word will you use to research? Psychology

What Iowa core standards will your project meet? Understand the appropriate research procedures and skills of the behavioral scientist. Understand the influences on individual and group behavior and group decision making.

Who is an expert in this area and could help you? My counselor

What is the timeline of what you need to achieve?6-7 weeks

What part of this will be difficult? Staying on task.

How will you handle this? I will deal with it as positively as I can, because I can get frusturated.

How will I share this? Prezi.

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