Rocky Mountain Mania

Mountain Mania of the Rockin' Rockies

The States in the Rocky Mountain Region

In the Rocky Mountain region there are six states. These states include Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Whyoming. This region is famous for the Rocky Mountains also known as the Rockies.
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Climate and Geographical Features

In the Rocky Mountain Region the geographical features are extraordinary. First the region has a range of mountains called the Rocky Mountains. This mountain range stretches across North America. Also the Rocky Mountain Region includes features like deserts, Mesas, the Great Basin, and very little plains. The climate is different throughout the year. In the summer the climate has sunny mornings and clear nights. In the winter the Rockies get a chilling weather and a lot of snow. In the fall the air is crisp. In the spring it could be warm or cold, wet or dry.

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Natural Resources, Industry and Jobs

In the Rocky Mountain region the natural resources are mostly minerals. Natural resources such as copper, silver, and gold. Also coal, oil shade, and natural gas are found in the Rocky Mountain region. In the Rocky Mountains mining is very popular. The industry is mostly dealing with minerals listed above. Also lumbering is common in Idaho and Montana. Some jobs you can do in the Rocky Mountain region are being miners in the mountains. You could also work in the nation parks as a park ranger or as a hiking guide. Some other jobs you could do is become a outdoor educator or a climbing instructor.
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Regional Food and Agriculture

In the Rocky Mountains food that is popular is hamburgers, steak, elk and bison are popular food in this region. Food places like fast food, restaurants, dinners, bars and grills are also common. In this region people raise cattle, pig, and sheep. They also have bison herds that roam around their property. They will raise many animals at once. People farm potatoes turnips and cabbage. All of these help people feed their families and make money or trade.
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Famous People

The famous people of the of the Rocky Mountain region include;Lones Wigger, Amy Adams, Stella Noble, and Joe deCamillis. Lones Wigger is a three time Olympic medalist rifle shooter from Montana. In the Summer 1964 olympics, he won a gold medal and a silver medal. In 1972 summer Olympics he got another gold medal. Amy Adams is an actress born and raised in Colorado. She starred in Junebug, Doubt, The Fighter, and The Master. She was nominated five times for an Academy Award for these films. Also from the Rocky Mountain is Stella Noble. She is the youngest person to climb the Rocky Mountains. She was only nine years old when she climbed. Lastly, another person from Colorado is Joe deCamillis. He was a coach for the Denver Broncos from 1988-1992.

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Things to do and Tourist Attractions

In the Rocky Mountain region there are many fun, beautiful sights and activities too enjoy. One amazing, breath-taking view would be Devils Tower in Wyoming. There is a Native American story about this tower. If you are interested, look up Devils Tower Story.(
Another famous landmark would include Yellowstone national park. If you get bored looking at landmarks then some interactive, fun things you should try would include camping, hunting, fishing, and skiing at resorts such as Aspen and Vail. Or on the country side, try a rodeo.


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