Classroom News

Mrs. Embretson, December 11

Week at a glance...

Reading: I continued reading different versions of the gingerbread man story. Today we made gingerbread cookies with our 3rd grade buddies. During small group reading I have been doing benchmark testing, which helps me determine what level book each child is able to read. These levels will be marked on this quarter's report cards. We also read the poem Look at Me to practice the sight words me, my, with, this, and is. Your child brought home a copy of this poem earlier this week.

Writing: Our focus this week was using questions to help us add more to our stories. The children practiced asking each other questions after sharing their stories with each other.

Math: We continued to learn about partners for numbers 2-6, adding, and subtracting.

I introduced a few new games which practice number partners and number order. Ask your child to tell you about Spill the Chips, Flip 10, and Four Kings.

Social Studies/Science/Health: We learned how scientists help take care of bear cubs.

Snack Helpers, Dec. 14-18







Building attendance goal: 96%.

Our class attendance this week: 95.48%


Winter Break, December 23-January 4. School resumes January 5