Flagstone Elementary School

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome to Flagstone Elementary School

We know you have many questions regarding what school will look like this fall. We are working hard with our district leaders and healthcare community to outline a plan that we will share with you soon! In the meantime, there is plenty you can do to prepare for kindergarten. Please see my principal message below to learn about Flagstone. In addition to this video this communication has many documents you can begin reading to prepare for the fall, along with contact information should you have questions. Have a wonderful summer and we will communicate with you often regarding school start times and other pertinent information.

Dr. Kelli Smith, FSE Principal

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Flagstone ROCKS: Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy:

At Flagstone, we believe all students have a right to quality education and that each student has a right to attend school, to learn and play in a safe environment. As we work to nurture positive behavior at Flagstone, our hope is to collaboratively model and guide students to think critically, to communicate effectively, and to creatively and constructively come up with ways to resolve conflict and build relationships that ensure students have a safe and friendly environment to learn and grow.

We believe that character development is as important as academic development and use redirection, reteaching, and reflecting for behavior, in the same way, we do our academic instruction.

Flagstone Elementary School-Wide Teaching Framework

We teach students what ROCKS look like in each area of the building and on the playground. During the first two weeks of school, we review these in-depth with a review of these after winter break. We use the following teaching activities to support the implementation of ROCKS.

    • Class meetings to review rules

    • Second Step curriculum to teach social-emotional support and conflict resolution

    • Restorative practices to help students restore relationships if they have harmed or harmed someone else.

    • Some possible incentives for stellar ROCKS behavior could include:

      • Class team incentives

      • Private conversations linked to ROCKS traits

      • Students calls home to share with family linked to ROCKS traits

      • Positive referrals linked to ROCKS traits

      • Mustangs linked to ROCKS traits

      • Golden mustangs linked to ROCKS traits

      • Leadership roles in the classroom

      • Leadership role at the school level

    • Consequences may occur if ROCKS traits are consistently not exhibited.

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Please See the Below Kindergarten Immunization Requirements

FSE Family Handbook

Please see our FSE handbook for information about or rules and procedures. It is important for you to read through it prior to starting school in the fall so you understand the processes we have in place to keep your students safe.