The Roar By Emma Clayton

Plot Line By: Rapha

Summer Reading Plot line


Setting: The setting was London,school, Mika's house, the Reading arcade.

Main Characters: Mika, Audrey, Ellie, Mal Gorman,Asha,and David.

Insiting Incident

The inciting incident is Elli, Mika's sister gets kidnapped by Mal Gorman, also has to do with him being suspicious of the Fit Mix.

Rising Action

Mika has trouble's at school

Refuses to drink the Fit Mix

He plays pod fighters, because Helen told him that he might be able to find Ellie if he plays.

Needs to do well in the competition, while trying not to go insane from his nightmares.


The climax is when, Mika is in the competition and is trying to find Ellie, and then he found out the secret after flying over the wall.

Falling action

Falling action was after the contest winners are announced and his family is living in the Golden Turrets, and when he talks to Mal Gordan about the animal plague and their future.

  • Text evidence to support this text is "Mika grabbed his clothes form the laundry unit, dressed quickly for the party". He found his mother in the kitchen with the 2 maids sent by the YDF.


The resolution is when Mika family get to be reunited with Ellie.

Text evidence: "Mika waited for Ellie in the room at the top of the fortress, where he and the other finalist had watched the aurora borealis.

Character Analysis

I will do a character analysis on Ellie and Mika, she is a kind of person who try's to achieve what she think is right. She is committed to go reunite with her family, and is committed to that.

Mika he's traits are that he is determined to prove what he thinks. As the story goes he shows he's committed and determined to prove that Ellie is not dead. Mika is made fun of because of what he thinks of his sister being still alive.