Kindergarten News

April 5, 2016

We have finished our How-To Writing Unit. Students brought home their writing work from this unit on Monday. Please take the time to look over this work with your child. They are very excited to share it with you!

Today we will begin our Opinion Writing Unit! Children will have the opportunity to write letters, signs , petitions and books in regard to problems in their world and how to solve them!

In Math, we have been working on solving addition and subtraction equations using concrete objects and drawings. This week children are being presented with equations (horizontal and vertical). If necessary,they can still access tools (fingers, cubes, drawings etc.) to help solve these problems but we will gradually be reducing these tools with a goal of all kindergarten children being able to add and subtract fluently (with accuracy and speed) within five by the end of the year.


Our district partners with GEMS-Net, a network based out of the School of Education at URI. Together we bring the very best of science education into the classroom and the hands of your child. On Saturday, April 30th, GEMS-Net is hosting a free Family Science Expo at the University of Rhode Island’s Ryan Center from 10 AM until 2 PM. I want to encourage you to come and bring your children and other family members. This is a great opportunity for your child to show you all the science they have learned in their schooling so far and to explore what they will be learning next! You’ll also have the chance to connect with URI science and engineering departments, Save the Bay, Roger Williams Zoo, and more! I will be there showcasing some of the Kindergarten work that we do in science!