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September 2016 Edition

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September's M-Powerment: Collaborative Culture of Caring

We love students and want to see them succeed! So how do we foster that in our kids, colleagues, and within ourselves on a regular basis? Check out the video and resources below to inspire you to "Grow" the "Culture of caring" within our building and within your classroom. We even have some videos of how teachers here at EMIS are doing just that so you can see it in action!
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October's M-Powerment Strategy: High Expectations

Teachers set high expectations for learning and believe all students are capable of achieving success. How are you promoting high expectations in your classroom? Throughout the month of October, I'll be making videos demonstrating how teachers at EMIS set high expectations. If you know of a way you do this or a way a partner teacher does this, please send me an email so I can highlight it!

Need Additional PD Credits?

Share on our EMIS padlet what kinds of things you are doing to foster a "Collaborative Culture of Caring". Remember, participating in every month can earn you a PD CEU! Need more information about this- just ask!

Required 1st Nine week PD

We will be doing an activity based on Collaborative Culture of Caring. Click the link to remind yourself of what you signed up for and see who else is working on the same plan. Contact Tara if you need help getting started.
1st 9 Week PD Page "Culture of Caring"

This is September's Strategy of the Month, but it is our Focus for PD all of 1st Nine weeks.

October Challenge

During the week of October 17, our 5 little pumpkins will be visiting EMIS again with some new strategies and issuing a challenge to anyone up for it! Stay tuned!
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Election Resources

Our big 2016 November Election is fast approaching! Make sure students are engaged and aware of the issues through the use of some of these resources.

Looking for Something New

Ever Heard of a Blind Kahoot? It is a great way to introduce a new concept- not just review/assessment as we have typically used Kahoots! Check out the SHORT video below and below that, there is a template you can use to set up your Kahoot! For even More information, you can click here.

If you do decide to try this out, I'd love to help out in the planning and implementation! Just let me know!

The Story of Blind Kahoot!'ing

October Learning Labs

It is time for us to start up some personalised PD! Learning labs are an opportunity for you to select an instructional strategy and new technology you want to work on. All activities will be tied to an objective, because when we teach, the objective always comes first! We will then co-plan it and co-teach it so you have the support you need to try something new! Please click on the link below and select your objective, instructional strategy, and New Technology you want to try. Mesha and/or I will then be in touch!

How well do you know our Staff?

Play the Quizlet below! Feel free to Study the Flashcards if you need.... then Play Scatter to see how well you know our staff!

Take a screenshot of your score and send it to me (Tara Gander). Everyone who participates gets a prize, but the Highest score gets a BETTER prize- and yes, you can play more than once! (o: Good luck!

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Inspiration Needed? Click below!

You are a superstar! Don't you wish you were paid like one? Check out the video below for a laugh!
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