Technology and Engineering

Computer programming and working with my hands

Interest Overview

I got myself in it. I owned the early Windows computer, and saw just the desktop and wanted to break my computer just to see what was inside that screen. I'be been into it sense I was 7, when I got the computer. I really enjoy working with the programs and the tutorials/steps on how to code or how to do things I want to learn how to do.


  • Created a game for myself and completed it
  • Learned how to code and add commands into programs

  • Successfully create a game and put it on the internet for others to see and test
  • Learn how to code for bigger things and create mods

Person who inspired me most

I would have to say Bill Gates is the person who inspired me most. He created an almost 80 billion dollar company. I look up to him because Microsoft is a famous and generous company, and he doesn't only help us with technology, he donates to charity and helps those who need it. His acts inspire me to explore the technology and create more with what I'm given.

Some of the top jobs include...

Guaranteed to work with something new everyday!

My major 2 questions I still have

  1. How long do you need to be in college to get a really good and fun job?
  2. What is the best college in Idaho or in the USA to go to for technology engineering?

My next steps are...

  1. Learn how to program for bigger things other than flash games
  2. create a tutorial for myself so if I ever forget how to do something, I can look back on it
  3. Take classes on next year
  4. look up things I don't understand and learn how to do it or learn a short cut
  5. Look for colleges and find the one best for technology