Activities Beyond Technology!

Learning at home provides a great opportunity for students to participate in meaningful activities that encourage curiosity and creativity! Using the world around us, parents can provide a variety of experiences that can enhance student learning, fitness, and wellness. This is a great time to encourage and suggest constructive activities that they can do at home.

Here are a few fun ideas to get started:

  • Interview a family member
  • Create a musical instrument using materials found in your home
  • Alphabetize everyday items such as books, spices, DVDs, etc.
  • Make dinner with the family
  • Create a dance to your favorite song
  • Make letters or words using items found in your home or backyard such as sticks
  • Make an indoor fort using blankets, towels, and pillows
  • Write your own book or comic book strip
  • Call a grandparent and ask them to teach you a song they used to sing
  • Play a board game or create your own
  • Organize bookshelves, bins, drawers, or cabinets

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Brain Breaks

Brain breaks are mental breaks designed to help students stay focused, keep energized or stay relaxed, and provides time for students to process their learning. It is important for children to receive Brain Breaks throughout the day even when they are completing assignments at home. Try some of the following Brain breaks, to help keep your children engaged throughout the day.

  • Create a secret handshake with a friend, family member, or caregiver
  • Take a walk outside to the end of the block and back
  • 3 minutes of free time
  • Play Hot Potato
  • Have a dance-off competition
  • Do 10 jumping jacks, 10 pushups, and 10 sit-ups
  • Play Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • Draw a picture of your favorite animal
  • Go outside and play catch

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How can I use GoNoodle at home for a Brain Break?

Using GoNoodle at home is as easy as using it in a classroom or on the go. Simply select an appropriate activity and watch. GoNoodle will handle the rest. Choose a morning dance or yoga routine to get your kids moving for a great start to the day. After school, you can use GoNoodle breaks to help your kids get more out of homework time. You can connect to the GoNoodle blog for ideas as well.
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