Be Smart, Don't Start!

By smoking you might as well drink a whole bottle of nail polish remover. Sounds gross right? Well a small dose of acetone is added to each cigarette, and this poison won't kill you instantly, but it will kill you slowly.
Smoking just one cigarette can cause your circulation to decrease. Circulation is the movement of blood through the body, and when you smoke your body has to work harder to pump the blood to the rest of your organs.
Reasons for smokers not being able to quit smoking is because of the addictive chemical inside, which is nicotine.
The chances of you being diagnosed with cancer will certainly increase when you smoke. Carcinogen is a substance in tobacco products that is capable of causing cancer.
Picture this, do you ever imagine yourself sitting at the dinner table drinking lighter fluid? Probably not, but when you smoke your body is taking in a certain poison called butane. Butane is a gas, which is also used in lighter fluid.
Would you like to kiss someone with white spots around their gums? When a person smokes one side effect they can receive is leukoplakia. Leukoplakia is pre-cancerous sores which then look like white spots or patches in your mouth.
Why would you want to put something in your body that is meant for cleaning your Kitchen or your bathrooms? Most people probably wouldn't, but tobacco companies do put in a small dose of ammonia in each cigarette.
How many people like rats? Not a lot of people, but there's a type of poison called arsenic inside cigarettes. Arsenic is what people use to make bullets harder, and it is also rat poisoning. Sounds gross right? So for people who know of these poisons inside every cigarette, why do they continue to smoke?