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The library will provide a warm, welcoming environment in which to promote lifelong learners and readers.

Summer Slide

According to recent studies, students can lose more than two months in reading achievement over the summer. Summer is a break from school, not a break from learning. Below are several resources you can use with your child to combat the "summer slide".


This guide was compiled by NEISD librarians and is intended to give students ideas about literature to read over the summer for enjoyment. These lists represent a wide variety of reading levels, genres, points of view, and ideas. While not every book will appeal to every reader, we are hopeful that every reader will be able to find at least one book to enjoy. More information can be found on the Coker Libguide under the tab "NEISD Summer Reading 2016".


There are several businesses in the community that offer reading incentives. You can find out more information on the Coker Libguide under the tab "2016 Community Summer Reading Programs". This will be updated as we receive more information from the community.

Summer Library Resources

Don't forget that Library Resources can be access from home over the summer. Click here to see the Library Resource Libguide. On this page you will find all of our great resources available 24 hours a day! Passwords can be found in the student agenda books or in the Coker Communication.