Roman Name: Mars

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God of War


He was know for his thirst for battle and blood. Ares was never concerned with justice he loved the thrill of battle. He was an strong God and though he was strong he lacked of cunning, strategy, and moral decency.


* Spear

* Helmet

* Dog

*Flaming Torch


  • He was not respectful and showed much attitude
  • He was a fighter and had a bad temper
  • He was characterized as a murderer, brutal, and would slaughter the weak


  • Father- Zeus
  • Mother- Hera
  • Siblings- Hephaestus, Hebe, Eileithyia


  • Decisive in making strong decisions
  • Determined because he had a strong mind set in his beliefs
  • Fearless because he was scared of others because he was strong and was not afraid of war and and had a thrill for battle


  • Impulsive because he never thought before he did anything getting him in trouble
  • Bloodthirsty because his was always looking for fights
  • He was raring for a fight regardless of the consequences which ties in with him being bloodthirsty all the time waiting for a fight which is how he has always been


  • God of war
  • Was never very popular
  • His bird is the vulture


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