Master the Art of Snapchat

Understanding Geofilters

Monetizing Snapchat w/ Geofilters

Having an event? Want to see who is interested in your company? New to the area? Well snapchat geofilters can help with all of that. Brands and businesses should definitely take advantage. Filters catch you off guard. They catch your attention and show up directly in your account. Compared to other mediums, A custom snapchat geofilter is a branded impression of steroids. Let me show you how a geofilter can help effectively brand your company.

Master the Art of Snapchat

Wednesday, April 20th, 4pm

Google Hangouts

Webinar Outline

Topics covered will include

  • General Knowledge
  • Snapchat Story
  • Creating your geofilter
  • Submitting to Snapchat
  • Budgeting