Dominican Republic

Background information

The capital of Domincan Republic is Santo Domingo. Major cities of the republic is Dajaban, montecristi, Santiago and hato mayar. Dominican Republic declared independence from both the Spain and French in 1821 and not controlled since. The Dominicans mostly speak Spanish with a flag of a white cross with the symbol of the county and red and blue squares.

Geographical information

Dominican republic is located in the Caribbean on a island of Hispaniola. The republic has 27 climate zones with tropical rain forests, lush valleys, and semi desert kind of area.

Political information

The Dominican republic is a republican government. There president is Danilo Medina.

Economic information

The currency spent in Dominican republic is dominican paso. There economic system is capitalism.

Tourist information

People should visit the Dominican republic for the beaches, food, and hotels. A big recommendation is in the beautiful Punta Cana. The Dominican republic has great physical features and places to visit.