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Blind Boy found naked on a cay in the Devil's Mouth


Phillip Enright was found on a cay with his fellow cat. The U.S. navy told us that he was blind but after three procedures he has recieved his sight back this is his story.

WT: How did you get on the island?

Phillip: My ship got torpedoed then I woke up on a raft with a man.

WT: What did you learn on the island?

Phillip: I learned how to hunt for fish and fend for myself.

WT: How did you feel without your sight?

Phillip: I don't know, my friend Timothy told me that without your eyesight you can still do things.

WT: Before the Hurricane what were you thinking?

Phillip: I was thinking that If one of us happened to die I wouldn't be able live. I'd rather us all die together and not be left alone.

WT: What were the differences from before ,and after cay and after?

Phillip: I think I matured more and I know how to handle things like a young adult now.

WT: What did Timothy teach you?

Phillip: That it doesn't matter what race you are where all equal.

WT: How did Timothy die?

Phillip: The storm impact killed him, but I didn't die because Timothy shielded me away from the storm.

WT:I heard there was another survivor who was it?

Phillip: It was my pet Stew cat he was also on the raft when the S.S. Hato was sinking.

WT: What do you remember of Timothy?

Phillip: All I remember was a beautiful black face, and a smooth voice.

WT: What do you want to do when you grow up?

Phillip: I'm going to find the cay and know that it was me and Timothy's.


Timothy of Charlotte Amalie joined are heavenly Father on July 28, 1943. He spent his time on earth from 1875-1943 and then passed. One of Timothy's favorite times of the year was carnival where he spent time with his friends and had fun. Timothy was a fisherman ever since a young age and died of one. Timothy was raised by Hannah Grubs, because Timothy was an orphan. Timothy thought that if things are going bad there would always be a positive side to it and he would stick to it. Timothy was a wise, and caring man, and will aways be remembered for his act of courage.

National News

Operation Husky is launched The Allied invasion of Sicily to liberate Europe began. Allies bombed Rome. The tank Battle of Prokhorovka, the largest tank in history was used. Japan won tactical victory at the Battle of Kolombangara. Japan attacked are naval base Pearl Harbor. Allied forces bombed Japan and now it's mostly just ruble. 490 Poles are tortured and killed at Dominopol.


War World 2

Sunday, July 25th 1943 at 9pm

Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini captured, dismissed as premier of Italy during WW II


Sunday, Aug. 1st 1943 at 9pm


Japan declares Burma Independence under U Ba Maw


Wednesday, Aug. 18th 1943 at 9pm

New York, NY

New York, NY

Carl Hubbell wins his 253rd & final game, all with Giants.


Friday, Aug. 27th 1943 at 9pm


Carnival started



  • Caribbean players are being recruited to play in Major League Baseball.

Mexico vs Dominican Republic

Thursday, Sep. 2nd 1943 at 6pm


Mexico goes against host Dominican Republic at 6pm.

Political Posters