TheNew Deal


Opponents of the New Deal

Liberal critics- extreme liberals of the democratic party who believed Roosevelt didn't address key issues of unemployed women and elderly.

Conservative Critics- those who felt the government received to much power and the acts the deal released bordered beliefs of socialism or even communism.

Demagogues- they use the radio to express the immediate need of the people and there problems with simple schemes for ending "evil conspiracies"

The supreme courts-killed of the NRA which helped buisness recovery and AAA which was agriculture recovery by finding laws which made them un constitutional.

Rise of Unions

Formations of the C.I.O- resulted to move away from having skilled maled workers to having everyone despite race or job experiance.

Strikes- strikes that were enacted to allow the to join union but in the steel strike the police fire into the crowd also leading to 4 deaths.

Fair Labor Standards Act - Act which enacted fair labor laws and regulations for buisnesses.

Last Phase of the New Deal

Recession - The U.S begin to see change from the great depression but later moves backwards into a recession.

Weakened New Deal - Everyone stopped blindly following F.D.R which led to decrease in democrats in congress and more republicans and conservatives who blocked roosevelts new deal reforms.

Life During the Depression

Women- women sought work but were accused of taking men jobs although the jobs they obtained were ones not perused by men and women try to find these jobs to help with the income of the family.

Dust bowl Farmers - Farmers lands in the great plain face a drought causing them to migrate to California in hope of finding farm or factory jobs.

African Americans - they were discriminated very highly against and had hard time keep jobs because of so and were not protected by local relief programs. also they had highest unemployment rate which was above average as well.

Native Americans - gain insolvent with WPA but later under Indian reorganization act moves them back to farming on there old lands which was returned.

Mexican Americans - due to the discrimination of the new deal programs many Mexican Americans returned to mexico because of discrimination.

The New Deal: Crash Course US History #34