Ahead of the Curve

Jasper Weekly 6.1.15 to 6.5.15

School's Out for Summer......

Not that I would expect anyone has Alice Cooper's hit song, "School's Out," set as their ring tone this week, but I do know there is an excitement in the air for the possibilities of what the summer will bring. For some it will be traveling, for some it will be relaxing at home, for some it will be spending quality time with friends and family, for some it will be writing curriculum or working another job, for some it will be reading and watching movies, and for some it is yet to be determined. I sincerely wish everyone an energizing summer break, whatever that word "break" means to you!

I continue to pinch myself because of the privilege I have to work and serve alongside the most amazing staff and school anyone could ever imagine! This first year has been nothing less than stellar. What I continue to tell people is that Jasper is what school should be. Great staff, great students, great community, and great facilities and resources. What a blessing!

A sincere thanks to everyone at Jasper for an incredible school year!

I'm starting my mission this summer to delay the "back-to-school" sales at the big box stores until at least August. Anyone else with me?

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Staff Birthdays

6/1/15 to 8/8/15

Porst, Kathy 1-Jun

Robinson, Todd 2-Jun

Craig, Dianis 9-Jun

Guinnee, Tim 9-Jun

Speed, Barbara 12-Jun

Getto, Naomi 16-Jun

Lee, I-Ning 18-Jun

Ross, Ryan 24-Jun

Endsley, Matt 30-Jun

Edwards, Susan 2-Jul

Bailey-Garafola, Caitlin 3-Jul

Salinas, Jennifer 4-Jul

Anderson, Adriane 5-Jul

Negoslawski, Elizabeth 12-Jul

Westlake, Shay 14-Jul

Sidler, Cathy 20-Jul

Zhong, Vivian 20-Jul

Palesky, Ann 23-Jul

Jordan, Brenda 24-Jul

Woods, Stephen 25-Jul

Mitchell, Cathy 27-Jul

Crusinberry, Jim 30-Jul

Shea, Jane 4-Aug

Jones, Julie 5-Aug

McQuiston, Garrett 7-Aug

Hendrix, Charley 8-Aug

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Upcoming Weeks at Jasper

6/8-Work Day or Personal Leave (sick leave if personal is exhausted)

6/9-Work Day or Personal Leave (sick leave if personal is exhausted)

6/10-Work Day or use Documentation Hours

General Announcements and Reminders

    1. Jag Space
    2. Jeans
    3. Ahead of the Curve
    4. Teachers First Day Back

1. Jag Space

The new format for the staff "newsletter" is set and ready to go. We will roll it out at the beginning of next year. The staff "newsletter" will be a Google Classroom page for the staff. It can be used to collaborate, share school and personal celebrations, learn from one another, and stay updated with all that is Jasper. In addition, there will be a shared staff Google folder with quick access to important documents you need throughout the year, including student and staff handbooks, staff phone extensions, sub lists, student management campus policy, referral forms, library resources, end-of-semester procedures, etc.

I would encourage you to become more familiar with GAFE (Google Apps for Education) this summer. Specifically, i would encourage you to become more familiar with Google Drive, Google Classroom, and Google Hangouts.

2. Jeans

Jeans all week because you deserve it!

3. Ahead of the Curve

The next "Ahead of the Curve" will be out on Saturday, August 8th.

4. Teachers First Day Back

The first day back for teachers will be Thursday, August 13th.

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