My Goals


My math goals

My math goals are to get faster at my multiplication by learning my 9,8,7,6, and12s. I will coplis this buy doing multiplication cardes. doing more at home and shcool.

My Reading Goals

My reading goals are to monter my reading. To get faster at read. To read more books ever day. i will acving i this buy the end of this year. that is all and i will achev it. And i wont to a chive this be my reading teacher.

personal goals

my personal is to get stornger at football and running. To get faster because i am the slowest on the team. And i will a cive this bey the end of this year.

behavior goals

I do not wont to get in trubel this year at all. I will a cive this buy not talking or doing stupd stuff in class. Are start fights with words.