New Teacher Orientation 2014

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School Technology Coordinator

The STC....know who this is in your building! Be nice to your STC.....take him/her treats! STC's are the first points of contact for technology questions in your building: questions, repair needs, etc.

Network/Email Access

You need to complete a Staff Demographics Form. See the secretary or School Technology Coordinator (STC) in your building for this form. All users have a User Directory (U drive) with 1 GB of storage available as well as a OneDrive with 1 TB of online storage available. Save files to your OneDrive if you would like to access those files from home. Do not save files to the C drive or desktop of the computer as they will be erased during computer maintenance.

Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus is the web based student information system used by the state of Kentucky. Your log in credentials were created with the submission of the Staff Demographics Form. Check with the secretary or Infinite Campus Building Coach for these credentials.

Some schools provide training and training is also available from the Technology Resource Teachers. To register for district offered trainings go here:

Instructional Support

Boone County has 2 Technology Resource Teachers who provide trainings in many areas in a variety of settings: before school, planning times, after school, one on one, small group, large group. Contact one of the TRTs below if you are interested in: creating a webpage and/or online classroom, learning about the instructional software available in your building, fine tuning your Microsoft Office skills, using web tools/apps, Google Apps for Education, Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT), 21st Century classroom tools, or any other technology integration ideas you may have.

Chris Walsh
Elementary Technology Resource Teacher

Lisa Stamper
Middle/High Technology Resource Teacher


Staff may bring personal devices to attach to the wireless network. Personal device access is Internet only. Personal devices do not print or access U drives. The Technology Dept nor School Technology Coordinators support or troubleshoot personal devices.

To connect a personal device to the wireless network, do the following:

Select BCS_Personal from the wireless networks

Log in credentials are the same as your network/computer log in credentials

Students may also bring personal devices to school. Please consult with your school's policies/procedures regarding student use.

All buildings in Boone County have wireless; however, not all buildings have the infrastructure to support BYOT. The following buildings are waiting for infrastructure upgrades. If your building is not on the upgrade schedule, you are BYOT ready!

Infrastructure Upgrade Schedule

CEMS - Fall 2014

EES - Fall 2014

GMS - Spring 2015

GES - Spring 2015

FES - Summer 2015

MES - Summer 2015

YES - Summer 2015

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My Info Self Service

My Info Self Service is a web based application that provides employees the ability to monitor their personal and employment information.

Access here:

Log in Credentials are:

User Name: employee #
Password: last 4 digits of your SSN

District Instructional Resources

21st Century Classroom Tools

Digital Citizenship

We are required by federal regulations to teach Internet Safety/Digital Citizenship to all students.
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