Who Should Survive

Cameron, Ryan C, Christian, Ryan K

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Who Should Survive

A severe storm has crippled a small ship, the S.S. Guppy, and the only remaining lifeboat has room for only seven people, but the group as whole consists of 11 people. The group has no hope of reaching civilization, but there's a fairly good chance that they can make it to one of many small, uncharted, and unpopulated islands in the area. They may have to remain on such an island for years.


Mrs. Clark

Mrs. Clark should survive for her age and her engineering knowledge. Mrs. Clark is 28 years old, which is a perfect age due to the physically demanding environment and activities they will be involved in. She also graduated college and became an electronics engineer. This will be necessary for the group because with an engineering background, Mrs. Clark will be able to generate many ideas and bring them to life, helping to group develop a stronger shelter or more efficient objects for hunting, building, etc. She could be the one to find a way off the island. If she were to search for electronic pieces, such as an antenna or a radio, she could work on them, creating a device that can signal someone to come get them.

Father Frans

Father Frans should survive because of his age and his background. At 37 years old, Frans will be old enough to hunt food, build shelters, and generate ideas for survival. In addition, back in college, Frans was a college athlete, which will be useful for the group because of his physical abilities. Frans also has a background in farming, which will be crucial for the group’s survival. The group needs a man like Frans to use his farming knowledge to their advantage by planting and maintaining plants for food and other resources. Many might believe that Frans and Mr. Blake (another survivor) would be a terrible combination due to their opposite views on religion. However, the group would come together and realize that they need to put their differences aside in order to survive.

Dr. Dane

Dr. Dane was chosen to survive because he is one of the healthiest individuals among the group. He jogs everyday and is most likely very physically durable, meaning that he could help with most of the physical labor that will be needed to set up shelter and gain food for the group. He is also very interested in botany, meaning that he will have some information on the different types of plants that could be on the island, and which of these plants would be safe to use. This would give the group an advantage because they would then be able to eat certain plants, and not have to rely on meat and hunting alone, as well as be able to use plants to create medicine and other resources.

Mary Evans

Mary should survive because she is very young (18) and does not have any apparent medical issues. Mary could be used prominently for work around the island. Other than this, Mary is very artistic which means she has a creative mind, which could prove very useful in a survival situation. As long as she holds on to her glasses, she will continue to be productive. Losing her glasses would be the only issue. She also has a trade school education, which means she will be useful with her hands around the island.

Mr. Newton

Mr. Newton should survive for many reasons. The most important reason he should survive is that he is starting his last year of medical school. His knowledge with medicine is crucial in a survival situation. Other benefits include his hobby of music and physical shape. Music is a great way for keeping people calm which is a necessity if the group wants to survive. In addition, being a "physical nut" would be a huge benefit because Mr. Newton could help with the physical labor around the island.

Mr. Blake

Mr. Blake is an extremely important member of the team. He is an intelligent man with experience in mechanics and construction. This will allow him to build shelters and construct rafts and hunting equipment to aid the survival effort. He is described as being "handy" which is to his benefit as his double threat of intelligence intertwined with his handiness is crucial to the survival effort. It is morally justified to save him as well as he is a married man and father of four. His age and intelligence makes him a promising candidate as a leader. He would be able to give guidance and maintain order with his experience as a father. The only negative that he has is his anti-catholic views, as they would cause friction in between him and Father Frans. However, as he is a man of intelligence, his reason would allow him to focus on topics that are more important before worrying about religion.

Mrs. Victor

Mrs. Victor is somebody that we deemed valuable enough to let live. She is of low intelligence and has a past of prostitution. Her current occupation is a cocktail waitress. She is valuable to survival because of her ability to be a subordinate. She wont complain to anyone gives her orders, and she is in fair health which will allow her to become a major asset to the survival effort. She also has gone through many hardships in her life; having a child at age sixteen and a divorce at age eighteen. This will help her overcome the stresses of survival. She would get along well with most other survivors with an exception of Father Frans. Father Frans may look at her past and think poorly of her. This would not be too much of a problem as he has mercy in his soul and would be willing to forget her past for the greater good. An argument against saving her would be that she is a low life scum and that she deserves to go down with the ship. She provides much more value in labor than other the people who were selected to go down with the ship.

Left Behind

Mrs. Dane

Mrs. Dane was chosen to be left behind mainly because she is obese and a diabetic. While she has some very good skills, such as being very knowledgeable in psychology, which could help if other survivors started to succumb to shock, she relies too much on her insulin. Her reliance on a very limited, or possibly even no supply of insulin would make her a liability. In the inevitable event where she does run out of insulin, she would eventually succumb to the disease that plagues her and die.

Jean Garcia

The group has chosen to leave Jean Garcia behind due to her age and burden she will present to the group. Only being three months old, Jean will require many forms of treatment and care in order to grow and survive. She will require specific food, soft food or food with the consistency of applesauce due to her developing teeth. This type of food will be very difficult, or impossible to find. The group will need to find meat from animals, which is not suitable for Jean. She also needs proper care. As an infant, she will need to be taken care of and nurtured in order to survive. With the conditions the group will be in, and size and strength of the group, Jean will be a burden rather than an asset to the group.

Bobby Dane

Bobby was chosen to be left behind because of his physical disabilities. Bobby would not be able to do any serious work because of his disabilities, leaving him almost useless to the group. Not only is Bobby disabled, he requires around the clock attention and care. This is too great of a liability and a distraction as every one of the survivors is needed to do some kind of work if they are to survive for an extended period, and caring for Bobby would keep them away from their work. Bobby's disability would also leave him defenseless and vulnerable to any of the threats on the island. Like Jean, Bobby would only be a burden to the group and slow them down.

Dr. Gonzales

Dr. Gonzales has been chosen to be left behind because of his unpredictability with his heart problems. Although Dr. Gonzales is a doctor in general practice, he has had two heart attacks in the past five years. The risk of him having a heart attack on the island outweighs his medical abilities especially when the group already has Mr. Newton. It would be much more beneficial to take a strong healthy body that could work on the island.