Norfolk Panthers

Norfolk Jr. High

The little teapot

Today a magical teapot sings to a customer. This teapot just started singing to a customer for no reason. We caught up with the customer and we asked him what happened.The customer said that he was just looking for a teapot in Target and then the teapot started singing out of nowhere. He said that it scared him half to death.

My Favorite App

My favorite app is on my phone. It's called Madden Mobile 16. Madden Mobile 16 is a football game that you can play online with people, or you can go to season and try to get to the Super Bowl. You also try to get coins, so you can get better players so you have a good team. When you are playing, if you want to run, you use the analog stick on the left to run or just move. If you are throwing, your receivers will have a letter above them and then when they get open you tap on the letter.

Feature Story

Wrestling is one of the oldest forms of combat . Wrestling was popular in Greece and was prominent in the Olympic games. During the middle ages, wrestling was popular in royal houses in France, Japan, and England. During America's early development, amature wrestling was very popular. A wrestling style called Shuai Jiao originated from China and has over 4,000 years of history. Greek wrestling was adapted into Roman wrestling after the Romans conquered the Greeks. Wrestling was a big part of ancient Greek literature and legend. Early American settlers brought wrestling to the new world when they came from England. The FILA was founded in 1912 in Antwerp, Belgium. Modern wrestling standards and regulations were developed by FILS, an organization that recognizes two categories of wrestling disciplines, international and folk.

Movie Review

The movie the Waterboy is my favorite because it’s funny.

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