Week 11 Activity

Dona Loe

The Dot.com Boom

  • speculative bubble in the shares of early internet companies
  • stocks on internet based things rose

Microsoft and Bill Gates

  • A computer software
  • 10 million copies in first two years
  • Widely used Windows system


IBM very big

has over 6,000 partners in its industry


one of the biggest website in the world

currently ranked number 5 and still growing


Becomes a big search engine

Microsoft buys into Yahoo!


Dell sells computers

Teams up with Microsoft windows


A place to buy things over the internet for lower cost

Used to be called AuctionWeb

PC Era

The Rise of the PC Era was a big change

Many people bought PC computers over Apple computers

Why the Dot.com Era eventually led to a economic bubble that bursted

Dot.com was powered by the rise of Internet sites and the tech industry in general, and many of these companies went under or learned some valuable lessons when the bubble finally burst. Many investors lost substantial sums of money. This then led to a small economic recession.

Pretict how the Dot.com bubble might relate to technology trends today

Many people today use the internet on the daily. This major use of the internet can cause the Dot.com bubble to happen again.