Playa del Socorro

Steven Torres

About the beach

Playa del Socorro is located in the Canary Islands of Spain (Europe). Its global coordinates are 28,39421022 N, -16,60270751 W.

Beach Activity

  • This beach is considered an active beach because of its proximity to the border of the African and Eurasian Plates

Type of Beach

Playa del Socorro is primary coast because it was formed by volcanic activity, which is a land process.

Beach in relation with sea level

This beach is submergent because it keeps sinking. There have been some under water mountains found around the beach.

Type of sand

The origin of the sand on this beach is volcanic. Because it is volcanic, the sand has a dark color, which some people describe as black despite its difference. Volcanic rocks can also be found on the beach because they haven't eroded yet.

Features of Playa del Socorro

This beach is known mainly because of its wave activity; people visit it to surf. Playa del Socorro is also the place for an old Spanish tradition in which the people of the island go on a pilgrimage to worship "Virgen del Socorro", a catholic saint.
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