Xavier Announcements

Finals week announcements

Home Stretch

It is hard to believe that we are in the home stretch and that the quarter is almost over. There are a few important dates coming up that I want to be sure you all are aware of

24-hour Quiet Hours begins

· Friday, December 5th at 11:00pm--- 24-hour Quiet Hours begins and continues until the halls close for break on Saturday, December 13th at 12noon.

o Please be sure to keep your volume to an absolute minimum during this time so your peers can study, write their papers and get sleep without any disruption! Any residents who choose to violate 24-hour quiet hour policies will be immediately documented without warning. It is essential that we foster a quiet, academic environment during this time!

Prepare to Leave for Winter Break

To Do:

· Clean your room

· Take out all trash, recycling, and compost

· Close and lock ALL windows and put your blinds down

· Turn your heaters down to low so we do not waste energy

· Turn off all lights, unplug all cords and appliances MAKE SURE TO DEFROST MICROFRIDGES AT LEAST 24-HOURS IN ADVANCE!

· Remove any valuable items and all the items you will need during the break! You will NOT be able to access your room during the break!!!

· If there is a vacancy in your room/apartment, be sure to move your items to only your room/side so that the room is left clean and ready for a new resident to move in!

Halls close for Winter Break

Saturday, December 13th at 12pm.

o Unless you have been approved to stay for Winter Break by the Housing & Residence Life central office, you are unable to stay after Saturday, December 13th at 12noon. Your card access to the buildings will be shut off on this day and will remain off for the remainder of the break.

o If for some reason you failed to apply to stay over break on time, you can still apply online through the MyHousing Portal on the Housing & Residence Life website. You will, however, probably be charged a late application fee. Please see the Holiday Policies: http://www.seattleu.edu/housing/policies/holiday-policies/

Halls Re-Open

Sunday, January 4th

o Please plan accordingly and make sure you do not return to campus before you have been approved to be back, as your swipe access to the building will not be working!

Health & Safety Inspections

Please remember that the RA staff will be coming around on Saturday, December 13th to do Health and Safety Inspections before they leave for the break. The staff will be entering each and every room so please be sure you have completed all the items listed above so the RAs do not have to document you for non-compliance.