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If you did not have a shovel what would you dig with? Your arms,legs,teeth? Well that's what gophers do. In this descriptive text you will learn about the physical characteristics,ecosystem and food chain about a gopher.


A gopher has several interesting facts about its physical characteristics. First, a gopher has fine, soft fur. Oh I wonder what it feels like. A male gopher can weigh up to 0.5 pounds. Also they can grow up to 5 to 14 inches. Thirdly, they used their large teeth and body limbs to dig. Also gophers make chattering sounds with their teeth. Finally, if you want a gopher as your pet it is highly adaptable. This means it can adjust to new conditions. You can learn a lot about a gopher from its physical characteristics.
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Let me guess. You want to know where gophers live. Gophers live where they can find rich good soil. Which is mainly a grassland. The biotic factors in a grassland are soil and grass. But there are also abiotic factors which are sun and rain. Gophers dig tunnels and burrows under the ground to sleep in. A grassland is a large country covered area of land, with little trees.

Food Chain

Gopher are omnivores.That means that they eat both plants and meat. The foodchain goes like this,sun,producer,herbivore,omnivore,carnivore and decomposer. Gophers prey are grubs, earthworms, and plantroots. Gophers predators are coyote,weasles,owls, hawks, and badgers. Examples of decomposers are termites,maggots and worms. Gophers hunt like its the last day on earth. I just wish gophers were at the top of the food chain.
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Not only have you learned about the excellent digging skills of a gopher,you have learned the physical characteristics,ecosystem and food chain.So the next time you see a gopher take a picture of its teeth!