Caroline Eddy

Is It Renewable or Non Renewable?

Coal is a blackish brownish sedimentary rock mostly composed of carbon and hydrocarbons, this is definitely non renewable resource. Coal is a non-renewable energy source because it takes millions of years to create.

Where is it found on Earth Or is it Produced with Technology in a Factory?

Coal is found underneath the ground. It is found in the United states in the Appalachian Mountains from Alabama through Pennsylvania. It is found in Wyoming.

How does it work to produce energy for Individuals and whole groups or communites?

Think of coal like wood. In a wood stove or furnace, wood is burned to produce heat. Coal contains more energy and is cheaper that wood, however wood is renewable. The large coal power plants that run use coal to produce heat by burning it, heating water. When water heats up to steam, it has more pressure.

Are there products created or other uses for this Energy?

Who uses it now?

Power plants often still use coal to produce there electricity. Also the peoples republic of china is the largest consumer in the world and is about to become the largest user of coal-derived electricity, generating 1.95 Trillion kilowatt-hours per year, Or 68.7% of its electricity from coal as of 2006.

Is it expensive?

The price of coal has been fluctuating which does cause the cost of electricity to rise. The average cost of coal in the United States is at $1.11 per ton of coal.

How a coal power station works