the importance of police officers

the job, pay ,lifestyle , and the education needed.

how do you become a police officer?

well to start off to even qualify to be a cop you have to be 21 , and have a GED or graduate high school. from then on if you want to have great chances at getting the job you should then on go to college for a few years for stuff involving the job. after that your ready to go get the badge and fight crime! after a 3 month training course.

how much do police officers get paid?

well if you followed the steps from before you'll get more then the average officer and you will be able to get a great position in the police force, with a good pay of 38,850-64,940. and if you followed the steps i give you'll be on the high end of the pay.

what do police officers actually do?

well there "job" is to patrol around given areas, enforce laws, witch i also count as stopping bad-guys and if needed they can testify in court.


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