Pacific Coast Academy

Founded by Olivia Ettinger and Lauren Jaques

About our school:

We care about your kid’s success in academics and their future in the performing arts industry. Our school will help in teaching responsibility and will help kids get the experience of living in a boarding school by the ocean. Our school was founded in 2016, located in Los Angeles near the ocean, and is a traditional boarding school. Pacific Coast Academy is a fine arts based school and specializes in Theater, Art, Music, and Dance. The traditions that we have are going to the beach on Friday nights for the students to socialize. Our school mascot is a turtle. We chose the turtle because our school is located near the ocean, and one of our traditions is protecting baby turtles from its prey and helping them get into the ocean. We have a block schedule. The school song is "The Sound of Music" by Julie Andrews. This song encourages students to listen to their heats and become more in touch with their musical side. Our school colors are green and blue. These colors represent the colors of the earth. In conclusion, we would love to have your children at our school and hope they enjoy Pacific Coast Academy.