By: Jeff S.

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Tyson Foods Inc.


Dale Adams, works for Tyson Foods Inc.

Information Brought Forward

  • Chicken that has fallen on the ground has been washed and processed without letting the USDA know about the conditions.
  • Dale Adams presented the issue to the manager saying it was a fraud of this company, and a violation of the USDA.

What Happened Next

  • After acknowledging the management of Tyson about the USDA violations, he was suspended.
  • Then he was fired three days after this acknowledgement

My Reaction

I thought that the leaders of Tyson were abusive of their powers for an economic cause. It was wrong to allow the unacceptable chicken to be processed through the wash plant without the USDA's consent. It disgusted me that people would allow tainted meat to be consumed by the innocent people of the world.

What Was Exposed?

According to Adams, this event was the first time that the public was aware of a food company that has used food from the floor to make money. This also exposed his manager's support for the unhealthy environment when a coworker of Adams heard the manager say, "We have to get rid of this Mother F** *er', and I have affidavits to prove everything." The case also adds onto a number of other controversies with Tyson Foods Inc.

What Happened to the Whistleblower and Company?

Adams was suspended for having a cell phone on the job, and then he was fired three days later. He was able to write a petition against Tyson and eventually file a lawsuit on August 4, 2009. Tyson Foods Inc. most likely did not change their ways because of their numerous controversies of their unacceptable methods of processing meat.