STAAR Math 8

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Category 4 : Data & Financial Literacy

8.5C I can describe the differences between data that is linear and non-linear from scatter plots.

8.5D I can use a trend line to help make predictions.

8.11A I can construct a scatterplot and describe the data.

8.11B I can find and use the mean absolute deviation of a set of data.

8.11C I can simulate generating random samples

8.12A I can compare loans with different interest rates and loan lengths

8.12B I can us an online calculator to calculate the total cost of repaying a loan.

8.12C I can explain how invested money grows over time.

8.12D I can find the similarities and differences between simple and compound interest earnings.

8.12E I can identify and explain the advantages and disadvantages of different payment methods.

8.12F I can determine if situations represent financially responsible decisions and their benefits.

8.12F I can determine if situations represent financially irresponsible decisions and their costs.

8.12G I can estimate the cost of attending college.

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