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A little bit of tech indulgence for everyone! January 2016

The latest dish on Tech News at Ancillae!

Over the past month we have been very busy utilizing all of the wonderful technology available to us throughout the school. From coding to 3D printing, read below to find out how Ancillae teachers and students are developing skills in technology and STEM education.

Coding Invasion

The month of December brought a lot of excitement to Ancillae highlighted by the Hour of Code and National Computer Science Week. It was exciting to see all of our students engaged in coding using the Star Wars, Minecraft and Frozen programs as well as other activities. Here are some interesting facts to consider:

  • 9/10 parents want their children to study computer science;
  • 67% of all new jobs are in computing;
  • Girls who try computer science in high school are 10x more likely to major in it in college;
  • Computer Science is foundational like learning about electricity or the digestive system;
  • A computer science major can earn 40% more than the average college graduate;
  • It is predicted there will be over 1 million computing job openings in 2022.

With this information, we can see as educators the importance to not only introduce our students to coding but to encourage them to use it throughout the year.

STEM Lab Stirrings

Tech Tip from Chef Maragos:

When saving a document and you are prompted where to save it:

Press 'command D’ to save to your desktop.

Students in the Kitchen

A New Addition!

We are excited with the arrival of three 3D printers. Two printers are located in the STEM Lab and one 3D printer is located in Mrs. Grim's Science Lab. Students tested out the 3D printer this week by printing out a detailed guitar and were excited to see the printer in action.

January is Movie Month

Come learn ways to showcase your student's work through the use of iMovie and other movie programs.

Menu of the Month


Tuesday, Jan. 12th, 7:30am



Tuesday, Jan. 19th, 3:30pm


Lego Movie Maker

Tuesday, Jan. 26th, 7:30am


Have you done something technology or STEM related in your classroom you would like to share? Send your information along to be included in the next publication.