MAISD Communication

March SI and S&F Programs

Upcoming Dates

March 11 - Elementary Principal Meeting

March 19 - Curriculum Specialists Meeting

March 20 - Muskegon Public Schools CNA Day

March 25 - Regional Quarterly Title I Meeting

March 27 - Whitehall CNA Day

April 17 - Countywide Private School Consortium Meeting

Equitable Service Consortium Update

Reminder to those that are participating in the MAISD Equitable Services Consortium: We will meet on April 17th starting at 8:00. I will send additional information and some light "homework" prior to the meeting.

8:00 - 10:00 - LEA Meeting

10:00 - 12:00 - Consultation with Private Schools

District Profiles

If you have a few minutes at an upcoming School Improvement or staff meeting, please consider filling out your school's profile. The MAISD is working on this system to document contacts, schedules, committees, and other process data for each district.

CNA Follow-Up

Thank you to those that participated in CNA Workshop 2020. Here is a link to all of the resources from the day.

EIDEX Update

Several districts have contacted me about the new EIDEX product - EIDEX Prism. The MAISD is currently working to get data integration set up with Prism. Once this is established and the data is flowing correctly, I will be sure to do some demos with the Superintendents, Curriculum Directors, and Principals.

Most districts are subscribed and have at least one login for EIDEX. Additional logins can be purchased. If you are an EIDEX subscriber, you have access to EIDEX Focus (that we have had for a few years), and the new Prism product.

Dave Hundt

School Improvement and State & Federal Programs Consultant

Muskegon Area ISD