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First Convention Update Newsletter

In the first update, you can find Judy's presentation, the presentation by UNICEF USA about Schools for Africa (DKG raised more than $35,000 last year!), and much more!

Convention Update (final)

List of proposed amendments

You need to sign in to the DKG website (using your log-in and your password). If you cannot remember your information, just contact Margret!

Amendments (link above)

We were able to vote on all of the proposed amendments, even though it involved a final push on Friday. It was so exciting to be a part of the process, and it reminded me the importance of dialogue.

To try to make it easier, I am listing all of the amendments that failed. It is understood that everything else passed, as the list that passed is extremely long for this format.

I am including the amendments I've already told you about, just to have a more complete record. We will have a more detailed discussion of the amendments at the August meeting.

If I make a mistake, I apologize ahead of time. I tried to keep good notes throughout the process. :)

Amendments that failed:





















Since all of the videos are from Periscope accounts, each link looks like it is just a description of the person's social media bio. But I promise you it's not!

I've tried to detail what each link is about. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Dr. Lori Myers

The first link is her presentation about professional engagement and leadership. We even had a teacher from Canada join us via the live video stream!

The second link is Dr. Myers discussing the education freedom that comes from empowering educators. This broadcast is for the #passthescopeEDU community, in which we can all participate!

Highlighting the realities of Sickle Cell Disorder in Nigeria

These two brave and forward-thinking educators presented their research about SCD. They are members of a chapter in Georgia, and they Skype into meetings. I am inspired by their work.

Dr. Nadia Lopez: Mott Hall Bridges

Dr. Lopez was a keynote speaker, and her leadership and vision for Mott Hall Bridges, in New York, is powerful. I didn't film all of it (I wish I had! I was worried about permissions, but I asked her later, and she said it was ok), so the first two links below are two clips that I felt *had* to be filmed.

The third link is Dr. Lopez's breakout session. Powerful stuff.

Connie Rensink (Member at Large)

Connie presented about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She is a leader in the field of global education.


This is a wonderful community who uses Periscope (live video) to connect with a larger world, in an attempt to be as inclusive as possible. You can use the hashtag anytime to ignite the passion of learning (which is why Gina and I tagged sessions throughout the conference), or you can participate in the party, every third Thursday. Aimee' has participated before.

These next videos are from #passthescopeEDU superstars: Gina, Madison (a former student), Brian, Val, Toutoule. And don't forget Dr. Myers's session, linked earlier in this newsletter. :)

I would love it if Gamma Eta members participated in August. We can talk more about it later. :)