Diego Maradona

by Frankie Rosa

Professional Career (1980-1997)

Maradona had won the world cup for Argentina in 1986. He had been in his prime for awhile. The Argentinean people saw Diego as a figure of one of "The people" because he had been like them. He was not born into riches, or a great home. He had been like everyone else in Argentina. He gave them hope.



Diego had been born October 30th, 1960 in Villa Fiorito. He was 5th of eight children. His parents were Diego Sr. and Dona Tota. They all lived in a poor but close-knit household. On his 3rd birthday he was given a soccer ball and ever since he grew to love the sport. When he was 10 he joined a youth team for Argentina.

Going Downhill

From Mid 1980's until 2004, Diego had an addiction to Cocaine. People believe he had begun to use the strong drug in Barcelona in 1983. It had brought him satisfaction but it brought his country and his team disappointment. He had been suspended for 14 months after being caught with the drug. He had never played the same and he went downhill making it hard to recover.