NSC 308 Nutrition & Metabolism

Online and MWF 2:00-2:50pm - 3 units- Spring 2018

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NSC 308 is now open to all majors.

Prerequisites: CHEM 152, MCB 181R, NSC 101/170C1

*Important - If you have completed CHEM 152 and MCB 181R/L or PSIO 201, please contact nscadvising@email.arizona.edu for enrollment assistance.

NSC 308 is now open to all majors!

Course description

Introduction to nutritional sciences and the integration of the effects of nutrients and nutritional status of metabolic and physiological functions at the cellular, tissue, organ and system level in humans as related to health and disease. Designed for nutritional sciences majors and those with a background in biological and chemical sciences.

Contact NSC Advisors with any questions at nscadvising@email.arizona.edu

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