The Rainy Rainforest

Abigail Cothran

It's Raining In The Rainforest!!

Do you ever get mad when it rains at your house? Well if you lived in the rainforest you would be mad, because it rains a lot in the rainforest!!!! A problem in the rainforest is that people are cutting down trees, and the solution is that they are actually not allowed to cut them down. It is the law in some areas, and some of the animals would lose their homes!
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Get ready for some Fascinating Facts!!

Here are some cool facts about the rainforest! Tropical rainforests have a warm climate, heavy rainfall and are lush and green year round. There are two types of rainforests; tropical and temperate. The tropical rainforest is a hot, moist biome where it rains all year long. The temperate rainforest is cooler and less rain fall throughout the year.

protective producers and cool consumers!!

There are a few producers and consumers in the rainforest. Some of the producers and consumers in the rainforest is sloths, bears, trees, grass, red eyed tree frogs, toucans and strawberry poison dart frogs.

Perfect Predators and Praying Prey!!

Some of the predators in the rainforest are strawberry poison dart frogs, snakes, leopards, raccoons, tigers, jaguars, and sloths. Some of the prey are termites, flies, lizards, mouses and large birds. The birds eat the flies. The raccoons eat the large birds. The leopard eats the raccoon. The tiger eats the leopard.

Awesome Abiotic Factors

There are some abiotic factors in my ecosystem. The first one is air of course because air is everywhere! The second one is rain, it rains almost all year long in the rainforest. The third one is rocks, you may see some rocks laying in the grass in the rainforest. The last one is climate, it has control over the humidity, precipitation, and wind in the rainforest. Those are only a few of the abiotic factors in my ecosystem.
Amazon Rainforest, Brazil - The Nature Conservancy