Belridge Secondary ESC News

March 2022

From The Principals Desk

The halfway mark of Term 1 has been and gone and the weeks are passing by so quickly. Thank you to our school community for embracing the many changes that have presented themselves due to the impact of COVID. We appreciate that there have been so many changes to the requirements and restrictions as we move through different phases of the pandemic and that there has been a plethora of information coming through to you all. Thank you to everyone for your cooperation in implementing the supports regarding COVID at a School level. Unfortunately, due to the COVID restrictions our Year 12 School Ball has had to be rescheduled for Term 3. Whilst our Year 12 students and staff were eagerly awaiting this event, our Year 12 students are to be congratulated on their mature attitude in accepting this change of date.

If you have any queries in relation to any of the recent COVID updates and changes, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

We have many students who access the School Bus Service which is operated by the Public Transport Authority and parents/carers are reminded to please inform your bus driver if their child is absent, has an appointment or are not using the bus on any particular day. The bus service is at a premium and it is necessary for students to be prompt when being collected as any delays impact on all other students on the bus. Parents are also reminded that the gated car park at the front of the school is not for the collection and drop off of students. Please be mindful of the need to be vigilant and patient when collecting your child due to the increased number of students on our site.

Our school recently held our Student Councillor elections and congratulations go to ALL of our nominees. Students who nominated are whole heartedly congratulated on their effort and dedication to wanting be elected to this Role-Well done to each and every one of you! In a closely contested election process, I am pleased to announce that the following students are to be congratulated as our 2022 Student Councillors-

Year 7 – Sawyer Allen (7.3) and Vanessa Tahon (7.3)

Year 8 – Jhi Spykerman 8.2) and Sienna McKinnon (8.2)

Year 9 – James Johanson (9.1) and Euan Owen (9.2)

Year 10 – Sari Burger (10.1) and Faith Pascoe (10.2)

Year 11 – Theo MacMilian (11.1) and Sienna Gazey (11.2)

Year 12 – Matthew Taylor (12.2) and Jen Mason (12.2)

Congratulations to each and every one of you and we look forward to you being our School Leaders who consistently demonstrate our School PBS values of being Safe, Respectful and Responsible.

I look forward to working alongside our families to continue to provide an exceptional educational environment here at Belridge Secondary ESC. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or myself should you have any concerns regarding your child. Once again congratulations to all students on the mature manner in which they have settled into the new school year and we all look forward to an extremely positive year ahead.

Kind regards,

Jenine Wall

Middle School News

Hello and welcome back to all the Belridge SESC families and to all our new students.

Thank you to all the parents and carers for working with us to ensure our new Year Sevens transitioned seamlessly into their new secondary school. Our Year Sevens are making excellent progress. Overall, the students in Middle School have settled in well and are working extremely hard. They are engaged and enjoying making new friends.

We have held two Middle School assemblies since returning to school this term via WebEx. It was great to announce so many certificate winners. It was also great to see that so many students had earnt raffle tickets for demonstrating a number of SAFE, RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIBLE behaviours since returning to school. We are extremely proud of students for their commitment to our whole school Positive Behaviour Support ethos.

Nominations, speeches and elections for the Student Council have just recently closed and we are extremely proud of all the students who nominated. Students who are elected will be presented with their Student Council Badge at an online WebEx in the next few weeks. The primary function of the Belridge SESC Student Council is to create opportunities for our students to acquire leadership skills. As role models to their peers, Student Councillors make a significant contribution in creating and maintaining a safe and friendly environment for the school community and promote and model our school values. We wish all nominees the best of luck.

Shayne Hutchings

Middle School Deputy Principal

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New Communication Boards

Communication is considered to be one of many key aspects in ensuring our students achieve success and live to their potential both inside and out of the classroom.

With communication as a focus, this term has seen the installation of not one, not two but three large-scale communication boards in our most frequented areas of the school - the undercover area, the MAG area and the Garden.

These boards were developed with the needs of our student cohort in mind, as an aid to support our students in communicating with their peers and staff. The particular locations were selected to be home to the communication boards as many students access these areas on a daily basis and quite often also host a range of curriculum-based sessions.

The communication boards differ slightly in each area as the vocabulary is tailored to the specific environment and activities in that area. Adaptability was a key consideration of board design to ensure vocabulary can be expanded to account for changes in each environment over time.

Katherine Vales

AAC Co-ordinator

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From the Manager Corporate Services

Thank you to all those families who have already paid their child’s Contributions and Charges for 2022, this prompt payment goes such a long way in enabling us to plan and provide for the fabulous programs that we offer here at Belridge Secondary ESC. It is also important to remember that once students are in Year 11 and 12 these charges are compulsory and the expectation is that they will be paid at the beginning of the school year where possible.

We do understand that many of our families have conflicting financial pressures and to assist we are more than happy to enter into payment arrangements such as weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments for completion of these accounts. There are various methods that can be used to make these payments – cash, cheque, internet transfer or EFTPOS. We do ask that unless payment arrangements have been made that all monies are paid by the end of Term 1.

Any families holding a Centrelink Health Care Card, Pension Concession Card or a Veterans Affairs Card will be able to complete a Secondary Assistance Form at the start of the school year. This assistance will help with the payment of contributions and charges to a total of $235 and there is a payment of $115 towards uniforms or other associated costs which is credited direct to the parents account, or, where there have been additional costs incurred, directly to the school.

Applications for this assistance need to be submitted by Friday 8th April 2022 through the school office. There is no option to access this assistance past this date so if you wish to take advantage of this please do so as soon as possible.

Please see below for further details:

The Western Australian Department of Education provides an allowance to assist eligible families with secondary schooling costs. To be eligible for the allowance the parent/guardian must hold a Department of Human Services (Centrelink) or Veterans’ Affairs card that represents a statement of income for the family.

The allowance consists of two components:

$115 Clothing Allowance paid directly to the parent/guardian or the school.

$235 Educational Program Allowance paid directly to the school.

Application is made by the parent or guardian for student/s enrolled in Years 7-12 at a secondary school.


Parent or Guardian of student in Year 7-12 must be the holder of a card that is valid sometime during first term.

Please do not hesitate to contact the office on 9408 8050 or email me directly at if you have any queries regarding this or our Charges in general.

Stephanie Camkin

Manager Corporate Services

Road Safety & Etiquette

The beginning of the school year is a good time to remind everyone about road safety.

The speed limit on Gwendoline Drive is 40kmh and when travelling through the school drive to a crawl.

We request that all parents and staff use the correct ENTRY and EXIT driveways at the front of the school.

Please be aware that school buses need to have sufficient room to make their way through to the bus stops. Please do not park on any section of the left hand side of the driveway.
This impedes the ability of the school buses to enter the driveway.

Finally, the gated car park at the front of the school is for STAFF ONLY and not for the collection and drop off of students. Only students who are eligible for ACROD parking are able to access this car park.


Monday 14th March - Year 7 and Year 10 Immunisations


Friday 8th April - Last Day of Term 1

Tuesday 26th April - First Day of Term 2

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Belridge Secondary ESC celebrated Chinese New Year with a Lion Dance performance, performed by the YAOLIN Kung Fu Association on Thursday the 3rd of February. Chinese New Year officially began on February 1st and ended on February 11th and 2022 is the Year of the Tiger.

Yaolin Kung Fu Assocation represented Australia in the "6th International Dragon & Lion Dance Championship" held in Shanghai in 2017 (described as the "Olympics of Dragon and Lion Dance". The routine received 1st place in the Western Division and 2nd in the Overall Division under the "Traditional Lion Dance Routine".

The students thoroughly enjoyed the performance and it was an opportunity for our school to celebrate cultural diversity and traditions. These types of events raise awareness about the ever-growing culture around us and it brings our school community closer together.

Shayne Hutchings

Middle School Deputy Principal

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Welcome to 2022!

We have had a wonderful start to the year and have all settled into the classroom routines quickly.

As well as myself as MAG1 Teacher, we are incredibly lucky to have wonderful Education Assistants, Mrs Laura O'Connor, Mrs Olivia Hogan, Mrs Chrissie Laut and Mrs Madeleine Willis. On Thursdays, Ms Eva Northmore comes into the classroom to teach.

We have started our personal hygiene program and have started creating a new planting garden outside our classroom.

During Science with Ms Northmore, the students are learning about plants and as well as planting succulents they have created their own grassheads. Their hair has grown so much that they are already in need of a hairdressing appointment.

Twice a week, we get to go to the Basketball courts and play with the balls and ride the bikes. The students really enjoy this time.

We are looking forward to the many different learning experiences that we will be having this year and sharing them with you.


Tracy Buckley

MAG1 Teacher

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Welcome to the new school year!

Let's introduce the new students and staff of 7-1. Each student has contributed to this newsletter in different ways. Students typed their own name with assistance - some with hand over hand, some with copying. They did an amazing job with this. Each class member also shared what they like most so far about Belridge; either verbally, or using AAC. They were very happy to be a part of their first Belridge Newsletter.

The students have all had a great start to the year, with many successes already witnessed. The staff of 7-1 have enjoyed being a part of the students beginning high school journey. The following staff are currently in 7-1:

Miss Thompson (Teacher), Mrs Bridge (EA), Mrs Oldfield (EA), Miss Bennett (EA), Ms Hughes (EA).

It is going to be a great year, with great memories to be made. The staff and students are all excited for the year to come.

Miss Crystal Thompson & the 7-1 Team

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This term in 7-2 we welcome eight new students to our school. We also have Mrs W (Amy Walton), Miss H (Emily Hughes), Mr Moore (Dave Moore) and Mrs Mountjoy (Jade Mountjoy) as our lovely assistants. We are lucky to have some amazing teachers for Sport, D&T, Art, Home Economics and Dance. We have had a productive and enjoyable start to the term.

I thought I would introduce our Year 7s in this newsletter and what they like about being at Belridge.

I am proud of all the students in 7-2 for transitioning so well to High School and I am looking forward to teaching them this year.

Daisy McCulloch

7-2 Teacher

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Welcome to Belridge SESC Year 7 students, parents and carers. The year is well under way and our 7-3 students have settled well into high school. They are making friends, gaining confidence and have quickly adapted to high school routines. We are enjoying getting to know our students and their personalities. We are finding that as the term progresses our students are becoming more animated and interacting more with each other.

We have celebrated Chines (Lunar) New Year, watched a Lion Dance in the Performing Arts Centre and discovered our Chinese horoscope animal in this Year of the Tiger. Many of our class are in fact Tigers so it is their year!

In HASS we are learning about Natural Resources, concentrating on water as a renewable resource and the complexities of living in a dry environment. Our class was surprised to learn that less than 1% of the Earth's water is available for drinking! We are learning about how we source fresh water here in Western Australia.

In Science we are learning about Living Things and the Five Kingdoms. We have completed activities on classifying objects by looking for commonalities between them. We are now concentrating on how the animal kingdom is classified.

Home Economics is a favourite with our students. They are all very eager to attend these lessons. This week they made hamburgers and all returned very satisfied, and full, from their efforts.

We have recently held our Student Council elections. We are looking forward to finding out who our elected members are. Congratulations and good luck to Marcus, Sawyer, Vanessa and Jacob who all nominated and gave excellent speeches to the Year 7 student body about why they would like the opportunity to be a councillor.

We have some photos displayed here of some of the activities we have completed so far this term.

Stay safe,

Pauline Egan

7-3 Teacher

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All the students in 8-1 have had a wonderful start to the school year. It is exciting to see our friends from last year and welcome new friends into our class.

We have started the year exploring the Zones of Regulation. We have been practicing various strategies to match the different zones and different emotions. We are also working on calming activities and how to retrain our brain to think in a positive mindset.

We are gradually getting used to new routines and new timetables. All the students are enjoying the maths games we play at the beginning of our maths sessions.

There are many other subjects that we are enjoying including Home Ec, D&T and Dance.

We are looking forward to many other great experiences this term and throughout the year.

Ms Carlyon, Mrs Curran, Mrs Cren and Miss Mann.

8-1 Teacher & Education Assistants

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Well done to all students for settling in to their first few weeks of Year 8!

To introduce our lovely 8-2 students, we have -

Oliver, Tadhg, Sam, Mangar, Sienna, Daniel, Jhi and Wil.

As well as our wonderful support staff -

Mrs Amy, Mr C, Mrs Nord, Mrs Mollison and Mr V.

This term, we have been focusing on our social skills and building relationships within our class. We have honed in on our Zones of Regulation practice and regulating our emotions, as well as creating our own "Feelings Monsters" based on the children's story "The Colour Monster".

In English, we have begun reading the novel "The One and Only Ivan" written by Katherine Applegate. The students are loving this!

We have also been practicing how to use the robots using coding skills in Digital Technologies...great fun for all.

Keira Savin

8-2 Teacher

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8-3 have had an awesome start to Term One! The students have settled into the class routines, are working hard and having positive interactions.

In English, students are working on their individual spelling, reading and comprehension program and then coming together as a class for our talk for writing sessions. For writing we are focusing on plot patterns, dialogue and character. It is fantastic to read the student's creative work.

In Mathematics we have established a daily routine comprised of four 15 minute activities. First the students complete a maths warm-up game, then they focus on IEP outcomes using the Bond Blocks program. Students then work on levelled maths questions and finally come together to play a maths game. On Fridays we are looking at maths investigation activities where students work in small groups to solve maths problems.

In HASS this term, the class is discussing Australian National Identity as part of Civics and Citizenship, investigating how this identity has changed over the last 50 years. In Science with Mrs Semmens, the students are investigating all things Rocks! They are completing various experiments and activities and recording their findings.

We always looks forward to our biking riding and dance classes as well as visiting the library and assisting Mrs Hull in the garden.

Last week, we implemented a Class Dojo where students earn dojo points when they display positive focus behaviours. When someone reaches 50 points, their egg hatches into an avatar and when they reach 100 points, students are given the opportunity to choose their own avatar. It is great to observe all of the fantastic behaviours such as helping staff and peers, following instructions, participating in activities and focusing on work.

The 8-3 staff have been extremely impressed with our students so far and are looking forward to an amazing year!

Ms Lauren Thompson and the 8-3 team.

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9-1 has had a fantastic start to the school year. It was great seeing all our friends again and sharing what we had been up to over the break. Everyone has been very enthusiastic about all our lessons. One of our favourite activities this month included making chocolates for Valentines Day. As a part of our Science lesson, we have been looking at chemical changes and how we could melt the chocolates into heart shapes.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Hanahoe, Ms Reuben and Mr Newman for decorating our classroom, setting up our school activities and building our confidence and positive relationships. We are so grateful for your encouragement and support this month.

Chloe Jordan

9-1 Teacher

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The students have had a great start to 2022, with everyone settling in well and working hard across all areas of the curriculum. Working alongside me in the classroom this year are Mrs Speed and Ms Gellard.

In English, the students are reading "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone". They are enjoying reading the story together, discussing the plotline and predicting what will happen next.

In Mathematics, everyone is working hard on a variety of tasks involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The students also attend Home Economics, Design & Technology and Visual Art classes with teachers from the Secondary College. All teachers have commented on our students' positive attitude and behaviour in their classes.

Please feel free to contact me at school anytime. My email address is:

Stephen McMahon

9-2 Teacher

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What a great start to the year we have had in MAG 2 - it has been so wonderful to see our students refreshed and recharged after the long holidays.

The amazing students in our class this year are Jeremy, Massimo, Michael and Jarrah. Our wonderful Education Assistants this year are Mrs Devaney, Mrs Hogben, Ms Stracey and Mrs Bond.

We have started the year with a new and exciting garden project alongside MAG 1 which will support our environmental studies over the course of this semester. We have begun by planting giant sunflower seeds which we will nurture for the coming weeks while we are working on setting up the garden bed in the MAG area. Watch this space for the progress of our project!

Our Meal Preparation and Cooking program has involved really familiarising our students with a focus on routine activities such as hygiene practices and safety in the kitchen before we dive into preparing some of our students' favourites.

We are looking forward to the remainder of Term 1 and what the rest of the year has on offer!

Katherine Vales

MAG2 Teacher

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Welcome to 10-1! My name is Iffah Doyle and I have the pleasure of teaching a wonderful bunch of Year 10 students. Our lovely Education Assistants are Anastasia Bagiatis, Nicola Corley, Linda Ray and Brooke Galupo.

We have had a great start to the year! The students have begun their Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) course and have started working on some team building activities. We all decided on a team name called "Zulu" which has come from the phonetic alphabet which they are all learning.

Everyone enjoyed celebrating the Chinese New Year with an incursion from the Yaolin Kung Fu Association. The Lion Dance and drumming was such a great experience which was enjoyed by all.

Students have been enjoying cooking in the ILC with me, Sport and riding bikes with Mr P, getting creative in Design and Technology with Mr Cox making some lovely drink holders out of wood.

We also celebrated a birthday, which is always lots of fun!

Please feel free to contact me anytime

Iffah Doyle

10-1 Teacher

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Greetings and salutations.

I am Mr Malloy and together with the talented team of Mrs Skehan, Mrs King and Mrs Hill we have the honour of teaching the 10-2 class. These tenacious students have had a great start to the year and have made a smooth transition into Senior School.

The 10-2 class is comprised of awesome Adele, caring Chrystal, dependable Darian, fantastic Faith, hilarious Hayden, jubilant Julia, lively Liv and the marvellous Marcus. Together we have made the class rules and set our expectations for the year. This collaboration has helped to create a delightful class environment that has been enjoyed by both staff and students.

We have been learning about democracy, evolution and also started DFES (Department of Fire and Emergency Services). The 10-2 class look amazing in their uniforms. They are becoming adept in the phonetic alphabet as well as learning about emergency services.

The civic minded 10-2 class have also started working on the 'Belridge Recycling Program'.

We celebrated Chinese New Year with a Lion Dance incursion. All this and we are not even half way through the first term.

Stay tuned and watch this space.

Keep up the great work team 10-2.

Simon Malloy and the 10-2 Team

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Welcome back!

This year we have five Towards Independence ASDAN modules which are: Relationships, Personal Safety, Work Awareness, Horticulture and Meal Preparation and Cooking. Mrs Osborne also teaches our 11-1 class 5 periods a week.

In Horticulture we have been talking about the importance of wearing Personal Protective Equipment and clothing such as gloves, a high vis long shirt, a wide brim hat and enclosed shoes. Next week we will be focusing on how to carry and use our gardening tools safely.

For Meal Preparation we also talked about hygiene and safety when in the ILC. Over the next weeks, students will get to choose what cold drink they will make, which has been very motivating considering the rather hot weather we have been experiencing.

11-1 students are awesome at reciting the phonetic alphabet in DFES. We are Team BRAVO this year.

Kim Butler

11-1 Teacher

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Welcome to 11-2. My name is Sharon Mandoreba and I have the pleasure of being the teacher to this amazing class.

It was a great start to the year, with our Year 11s coming in ready to work! The class quickly settled and got to know each other. Through scavenger hunts and team building games they have become a tight knit group.

The students in this class are excited to step into leadership roles and become role models for the younger groups. They are excited about Student Councillor roles. This year 11-2 will be running a business enterprise and completing a short course in Career exploration. Students have begun to think of their future and how to achieve their goals.

We named our class team "Charlie" during DFES where teamwork, trust and kindness are at the core. Agri-foods has been an exciting new challenge where our students learn where our food comes from.

We all enjoyed celebrating the Chinese New Year with an incursion organised by Mrs Hutchings in February. We watched a "Lion Dance" to celebrate the New Year.

It has been great to speak with you, the parents and carers of our amazing students during IEP calls. I look forward to working with you all throughout the year to create the best experience and outcomes for the students.

Sharon Mandoreba

11-2 Teacher

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It has been a fast and furious start to the year for class 11-3. All students have settled quickly into the programs delivered this year and are using their prior knowledge of different topics to expand their learning.

For their Certificate II Course in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways, students are close to completing their first unit. This unit studies the use of digital technology in the workplace. To supplement this unit, students were required to complete 15 knowledge questions, two digital technology projects, and demonstrate these skills through two different teacher observations. The students have adjusted to the workload and I’m confident that all students will complete all components of the unit and be deemed competent.

As part of their Certificate II course, the students have begun to learn how to make barista coffee. Students have been shown the process of making a coffee using a coffee machine, extracting the coffee from the grinder and the process of labelling, delivering and collecting orders.

In our ASDAN Short Course in Enterprise, students have selected two different mini enterprises to conduct throughout the year. One is window washing of classrooms, and the other is succulent potting that will then be sold later this year at the annual Market Day. Thus far, for each business, the class have discussed equipment needed, tasks that need to be completed, PPE to be considered, timetabling and what supporting documents will be required.

PE this term has been off and on so far, what with the extremely hot weather that we have been having. We have however been able to get out for a few sessions of sport where the class have enjoyed soccer and basketball. In soccer, students have worked on their passing, first touch and using the correct part of the foot to pass the ball. For basketball, students have worked on their passing and moving, shooting and learning the basic rules of non-contact.

To supplement Protective Behaviour studies, we are using SDERA – Focus Area 1: Resilience and Wellbeing. We have begun with looking at self-awareness and learning calming strategies, accepting setbacks and problem solving.

Finally, we had our first WebEx assembly last Friday where Harri Cornell was awarded a Merit of Excellence for his fantastic start to 2022, his fantastic work ethic and his contributions to whole class discussions.

Tom Cann

11-3 Teacher


Students in 12-1 have made a fantastic start to their final year of school. They are doing their best to display safe, responsible and respectful behaviour so that they are good role models for the rest of the school.

It has been a busy start to the year with all 4 ASDAN modules begun. These include Meal Preparation, Business Enterprise, Relationships and Work Awareness.

During Meal Preparation the students have used recipes to make shopping lists, shopped online, cooked a main meal and dessert and then set the table so as a class we can sit together to eat. So far the class has cooked mini quiches, pizza subs, fruit kebabs and weetbix slice.

Our Business Enterprise course has been very busy with advertising posters for our Car Wash made and put up around the school, bookings flowing in and our first customers cars washed. Students voted that all money raised from the business will be donated to the RSPCA.

The class has also begun their school-based employment for a local newspaper/pamphlet delivery company. The classroom is set up in a work like environment and students are required to collate pamphlets for a letterbox drop. The company delivers the pamphlets to the school, we collate them and then they are picked up and delivered into the community by the company. The students have decided the money raised from this will go to the Sea Shepherd Ocean Conservation.

The Wangara Post Office will also be sending splicing/collating work for the students to do weekly.

Our gardening has commenced helping Mrs Hull tidy up after the holidays and getting ready for some class projects in the future. Coffee Club has also started and all students have been fantastic in the first few weeks working really well as a team to get the coffees and biscuits out to the staff on time.

Overall a great start to the year for all 12-1 students. We look forward to encouraging increased independence as the year progresses and watching the students become real leaders of the school.

Tonya Vander Loop

12-1 Teacher

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The 12-2 class have had a very settled, productive and exciting start to their final year of schooling. I, along with Mrs Wearing, Mrs McCrory and Ms Willis have been welcomed into a very close group who support each other and enjoy a good laugh.

The class has started on two ASDAN Short Courses - PSHE & Citizenship. The PSHE course covers a diverse range of topics and has already included the students researching cardiovascular and flexible exercises; the effects of smoking and alcohol and the uses of the taxation system. In the Citizenship course, students have discussed their rights and responsibilities; made comparisons; and predicted how these might change over the next 20 years!!

In numeracy classes the students are using the common goal of getting a licence or going out in their friend's cars to research the cost of purchasing, insuring and maintaining a vehicle. They are also analysing the cost of fuel over a two-week period in the first step of completing a budget.

Literacy classes have been woven into reading and researching their ASDAN and numeracy courses, but we have also just begun reading a beautiful short novel about an Indigenous teenage girl in Halls Creek and the challenges she faces called "The Black Cockatoo".

We have also started a building resilience course as part of our protective behaviours program and the students have devised a personal self-care guide. A special part of this has been a weekly group meditation, which has become a loved part of our Thursdays.

Outside of our classroom, 12-2 love Cobra Cafe on Wednesday and have been ably assisted by Mrs Wearing, Mrs McCrory, Ms Willis and Mr Cann to produce a delightful range of meals for approximately 35 ESC staff each week. The first three weeks have featured Thai Beef Salad, Zucchini Fritters and Pasta Carbonara. I am purely a consumer for the Cafe and report a resounding YUM!!!!

It is such a privilege to share this special time of your lives 12-2, and I look forward to creating many more wonderful memories with you this year.

Sarah Hobson

12-2 Teacher

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Joondalup Wolves - Ball 4 All Program

Wanneroo Basketball Association/Joondalup Wolves are offering free come and try days at HBF Arena. This is a fun, supportive and inclusive program for all abilities.

Friday 25th March 2022 - 3.45pm to 4.45pm on Court 7

Friday 1st April 2022 - 3.45pm to 4.45pm on Court 7

Email to express your interest

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