The Elevator

Author: William Sleator


A boy named Martin moves in an old building with his dad. There are two ways to get up on their floor the elevator which he’s scared of or the stairs and that’ would take a long time. On his way to school he went down on the elevator and it stopped and this lady big lady got on. The whole way down to the first floor that lady just kept on looking at Martin. He found it weird how every times he would go up or down the elevator would stop on a floor and she would look at him. One day when he pressed the button so he could get on the lady was waiting for him. He wanted to run and go up the stairs. He fell and then had pain. He had to make it to his floor with the pain. His dad took him to the hospital. Once they got to the apartment and going up the elevator he was with his dad. His dad stopped the elevator and said he had to check in on someone. Martin wanted to go with him but the doors closed then all of a sudden the elevator doors opened. There was the big lady… She got on and then going up to Martins floor she pressed the stop button.


There was more than one conflict. One was Martin being afraid of elevators. He was scared that it would just stop in between floors and with no one to get him out, also because the elevator was old. That was the main conflict until another one occurred because of the big lady who would just stare at Martin. These conflicts weren’t resolved because the story ended by Martin going up on the elevator with the lady and her pressing the stop button.


The Protagonist is Martin because he is the main character and his qualities that influence the resolution is that he is very small. That way he could fit with the big lady in the elevator. He is scared of being on alone and that is when the antagonist comes in which is the big lady. She stares at Martin which makes him feel uncomfortable around her. She scared him in the resolution by pressing the stop button on the way up.


The theme of "The Elevator" is that it is better to face your fears.