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Defense Options For DUI Charges In Atlanta

When you want to avoid conviction in drunken driving charges, a skilled Atlanta DUI lawyer can offer credible defense strategies to improve your chances. To do this they will challenge the evidence presented against clients. They may disprove testimonies that the police officers have submitted describing actions of those charged when pulled over. If you were caught driving in an erratic manner or acted different from normal, you would need to undergo series of sobriety tests to ascertain your judgment capabilities and mental state.

Those who are unable to walk straight or identify the alphabet backwards, or stand on single leg might be charged with DUI on spot. A competent attorney will be able to discredit these results based upon improper procedure application by the Officer in charge. While it is quite easy to get a dismissal for the sobriety test out on the field, it is harder to deal with the results from breath or blood test. Because of the objective nature of such test results, most courts are ready to accept these. Atlanta DUI lawyers will try to negate the credibility of these tests by proving that the technicians used faulty instruments.

It is also possible to improve the client defense in such cases by questioning test procedures used and the time elapsed between the arrest of a person and the subsequent blood tests. If the attorney is able to prove wrong doings in any one of the other two cases, getting summary dismissals is not going to be a problem. The aim of the legal representation is to discredit the results so that the clients can walk away unscathed.

In DUI cases, it is easy to discredit the BAC breath analysis test if the person undergoing has belched or has an underlying medical condition that can overwrite the results of breath test. BAC levels in such people can spike even when they are not drunk strengthening the case of the defense lawyer significantly. Officers have to wait at least 20 min after a person belches to administer BAC tests. If they haven't done it then it's a gap wide open for the DUI attorney to use in the defense of their clients.

They will use all the possible avenues and find loopholes in the case against their clients. For example, they may attack the method used by the police when collecting evidence. The police officer should have proper reasons for pulling you over. Otherwise, the results associated with any observations on tests they have carried out will be dismissed automatically. The attorney will legally discount the same and will make them inadmissible in the court of law. When it comes to defending a person charged with DUI the attorney will plan the strategies based upon the surrounding circumstances.

You should remember that your actions during arrests would either weaken or strengthen the options available to your legal aid. So, when you find yourself in drunken driving situation, call a DUI lawyer in Atlanta immediately. Simply visit the website to get the best professional help.

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