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Dates to Remember

2015-16 School Year

Oct 7th/14th/21st/28th: Early Release Wednesday @ 2:30pm

Oct 6th: Hawk Point Fire Department visits for fire safety and prevention presentation for each class

Oct 15th: PTO Family Fun Night - Eagle Fork Pumpkin Patch @5:30 -7:30 pm

Oct 16th: Fall Picture Retake Day

Oct 16th: End of 1st Quarter

Oct 17th: Fine Art and Memorabilia Auction by Education Foundation(more information to come)

Oct 20st-22nd: Parent Teacher Conferences (Oct 22 is late night)

Oct 21st: Drive One for Buddy Bags

Oct 23rd: No School!

Oct 27th: - 3rd Grade Symphony Field Trip

Oct 26-30th: Red Ribbon Week

Oct 30th: Fall Parties /Trunk or Treat @ 2:15-3:15 pm

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Message from Mrs. Sanford

Dear Hawk Point Families,

It is hard to believe it is October already! We have had a very successful start to the school year!

I want to take a moment to thank all of our families for support and participation in the district homecoming parade. It was wonderful to see everyone share their Hawk Point pride and their pride in our school district! The students had a fantastic time cheering as we walked the parade route. Way to show our school spirit!

Later this month, we will hold parent teacher conferences. As a team, we enjoy conference time because it gives us the opportunity to partner with families to support our students. This year, your child's teacher will be sharing a student data notebook with you at conferences. Each student has a notebook where they track progress towards goals that are set with the support of the teacher. It has been wonderful to see students celebrate their progress as they review their data notebook and their goals. I know our team is looking forward to sharing that with you at conferences!

In just a few weeks, our PTO will offer the seventh annual spaghetti dinner. I am excited to participate in this event and look forward to seeing our families attend. I have had some families ask how they help to make this event a success. When I spoke with PTO regarding this question, they shared that families may choose to donate their time, donate items, or simply show support by attending. Thank you to those families who have been working behind the scenes to help collect donations already. The proceeds that our PTO makes are used to support the students here at HPE. This has allowed PTO to purchase yearbooks for every child, cover the costs of field trips for our students, provide educational assemblies, and purchase a book room for our school that has a direct impact on our students each day. We appreciate all they do for our students and look forward to seeing our community join together at this event! Thank you for your support!

As always, please feel free to contact me with any comments, concerns or questions. I can be reached by email at sanfordm@troy.k12.mo.us or by phone at 636-338-4366. Thank you to all of you for your continued support

Proud to be a Hawk.

Megan Sanford Ed.S.

Hawk Point Elementary Principal

Counselor's Corner

I will be starting Small Group Counseling this month. If you are interested in your child participating and have not returned the permission form, please give me a call! I offer a wide range of topics, such as grief support, anger management, social skills, and family transitions.


This year Hawk Point Elementary will celebrate Red Ribbon Week Oct. 26th-30th, 2015.

Red Ribbon Week (RRW) is the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the country. Red Ribbon Week serves as a vehicle for communities and individuals to begin with the end in mind and take a stand for the hopes and dreams of our children. This is a time to discuss drug prevention and education and for everyone to make a personal commitment to live drug free lives with the ultimate goal being the creation of drug free America.

Red Ribbon Week was started to commemorate the ultimate sacrifice made by DEA Special Agent, Enrique "Kiki" Camarena, who died at the hands of drug traffickers in Mexico while fighting the battle against illegal drugs to keep our country and children safe.

Conference Tips

Whether your child is doing well in school or struggling, a conference is an important way to touch base with his/her teacher. This year’s conferences will be held during the week of October 19th – October 22nd. Here’s how to be proactive and make the most of your meeting:

●● Write down questions for the teacher ahead of time. To come up with your list, think about each subject (“Is Amelia reading at grade level?”) as well as social skills and behavior (“Is she making friends?”).

●● Carry a pen and notepad to take notes during the conference to write down information and ideas for helping him/her at home (“Board games can teach math facts!”).

●● Be on time—the teacher will be meeting with many parents and conferences are usually scheduled back-to-back. Also, consider swapping babysitting with another parent so you can attend without your younger children.♥


Lincoln County Adopt-A-Family

Adopt-a-Family is a community program centered around helping families, who, due to their circumstances, are in need of basic household items, clothing, hygiene products, and Christmas gifts for members of their family.

If you feel your family is in need of this program & would like more information, you may contact Harvester Christian Church at 636-528-0566 ext. 149 or by email at LINCOLNADOPTAFAMILY@GMAIL.COM. You will have to apply in person at the Harvester Troy Campus, be a resident of Lincoln County, provide required documentation at the interview, and interview in person. Applications will be taken and interviews will be conducted on the following dates: September 25th and 26th, and October 9th, 10th, 30th, and 31st. Brochures are available in the counseling office at school. Distribution of items will be on December 19th.

Habits at Home

Habit 2—Begin With the End in Mind

Begin With the End in Mind means to think about how you would like something to turn out before you get started. Reading a recipe before cooking or looking at a map before leaving on a trip is beginning with the end in mind. For young children, a good example is that of a jigsaw puzzle. Before doing a puzzle, they look at the cover of the box. They start with the end in mind.

Family Mission Statement

A family mission statement is like a constitution your family lives by that helps you all make decisions for your life. It represents the purpose and values of your family, and will allow you to shape your future according to the principles you as a family hold most dear, rather than letting other people or circumstances determine it. Mission statements take many forms. Some are long and some are short. They may take form as a saying or phrase, a picture, a poem, or even a song. Make it personal to your family.

Get started by following these steps:

  1. Discuss the following questions with your family:

    What does our family want to be known for? How do we treat each other? What unique contributions can we make? What big goals do we want to achieve? What unique talents and skills do we have?

  2. Brainstorm ideas, words, and phrases to include in the mission statement. Remember, no idea is a bad idea.

  3. Begin crafting your statement, but remember, it doesn’t have to be finished in one sitting. It can be a work in progress until you are all happy with the outcome.

  4. Post the statement prominently in your home and encourage the entire family to consider it when making decisions or having disputes.

Here are some sample statements:

We want to be the kind of family our dog already thinks we are.

The mission of our family is to create a nurturing place of order, love, happiness, and relaxation, and to provide opportunities for each person to become responsibly independent and effectively interdependent, in order to achieve worthwhile purposes.

No empty chairs.

Younger-Child Activities

  1. Habit 2 provides a good base for activities around goal setting. As a family (or with an individual child), choose an area that needs improvement. The area of improvement, or the broad goal, becomes your end in mind. Then think of specific steps that will lead to achieving this goal. For example, if the goal is to improve as a reader, specific steps may include reading a certain amount of time every day or working several times a week to improve oral fluency.

  2. Ask your child if there is something special he or she would like to buy, then help your child plan how much money he or she will need to save and how long it will take. Discuss ideas for earning extra money like doing additional chores and helping around the house.

  3. Create a “wants” and “needs” collage with your child. Cut out pictures of various items (toys, candy, vegetables, cleaning supplies, appliances, books, etc.) from a magazine and then ask your child to paste them under the correct column of “wants” or “needs.” Discuss why he or she chose to put the items in the respective columns.

Go Digital! We have a district app!

To keep up with your busy schedule, you can now take Lincoln County R-III School news and events everywhere you go. We’ve gone mobile! Now, you can have all of the information, dates, news, social media and even snow day news in in the palm of your hand...literally. The Lincoln County R-III Schools app is a FREE app and can be found in the Google Play and iTunes store. Parents, students, community members are provided with options to subscribe to specific schools, information and activities.

The R-III app, developed by Parentlink, is a portal to all school calendars, with regular updates on events, holidays and important dates and can be directly to your mobile device. The app also offers direct links to the District Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms.

The Lincoln County R-III app includes a parent notification calling and email system and will replace the former system. Push notifications will also be available. Other features will include staff directory, access to parent portal, school finder, suggestion box and more features to come.

Drive one for Buddy Bags

Hi all,

I am so excited that we will be partnering with Price- Gnade again this Fall for Drive One for our Community.

Please mark your calendars for this event which will take place Wednesday, October 21, 2015. It will begin at 3pm and we will do test drives until 7pm. It will take place at Boone-Lincoln.

All we need is for you to go to BLE, fill out a form, test drive a Ford vehicle around the building one time and FORD will give $20 to Buddy Bags for every Test Drive up to $6,000. (You must be 18 to drive.)

Thank you so much for your help! We need 300 people to come out on October 21st!

Dr. Amy Porter, Ed.D.

Director of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction

Lincoln County RIII School District

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