A Materialistic Proposal

By Apurva Bachal and Liat Even

Virtual High: the greatest creation since the Ipad.


High School students across the world claim that they hate school. Kids do not have a desire to learn and view school as a boring environment. This causes grades to slip and leads to a nonchalant attitude towards learning, which is a key to success and life itself. Students also feel that high school sucks for people who are different, which causes people to conform, eradicating the multifaceted aspects of society.

How Much Do Students Love High School?


-School districts across the United States

-Students (the indolent, diligent, nonchalant, and those who find school boring)




Virtual High

Now, with the new Virtual High video game, students and teachers do not have to attend school! They can walk around a virtual school, killing disliked teachers or classmates without repercussions and cheating their way to success.

This is a win-win situation for the school. Students grades will go up and so will the school's ranking. Plus, they can brag to other schools about their $2,000,000 watershed idea.