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About Me- I wont let anyone, woman nor man to sway me from what I believe in.


Uuuughhhhhhh, I swear Creon gets on my nerves. women are no better than men this and you should act more feminine that. I swear next time I see him I'm going to make him look stupid in front of all his followers. ill show him how femininely I should act.

He may have caught and arrested me, but I will never submit to Creon, ill stand my ground to the bitter end.

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Tuesday, Dec. 29th 2015 at 9pm

Thebes, IL, United States

Thebes, IL

Finally gave him a proper burial like he deserves. Ill always remember you brother.


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Wednesday, Dec. 23rd 2015 at 9pm

A hidden tomb

I hope he didn't think locking me up is going to break me into following his foolish ideals, I rather die than even give a chance in doing so. in fact, you know what, where's that rope, ill show him..........
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