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Newsletter - Friday 19 May 2023

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P&F Mother's Day Morning Tea Gallery

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Last Friday our school community came together to celebrate Mothers Day. I would like to acknowledge the effort and commitment that our new P&F President Mrs Bernadette De-Filippo, the P&F Executive and Parents put into preparing for the our wonderful Morning Tea.

I would also like to thank our music students and Mr O’Donnell for the beautiful performances they gave at the morning tea. We are all grateful for the time and effort they put into making the event such a success. As we celebrated the amazing mothers and ‘mother figures’ in our community, their music helped to create a special atmosphere and brought smiles to the faces of the special women in our students’ lives.

Parents and Friends’ Meeting - Tuesday 23 May 2023

On behalf of the Parents and Friends’ Executive I would like to extend a warm invitation to all parents and carers to join us for our upcoming Parents and Friends’ Meeting on Tuesday 23 May at 6:00pm in the College Library.

Mrs Wendy Fawbert, our new Director of Learning and Teaching, will be at the meeting to seek your feedback on how we can effectively support student learning post covid. Your presence and active participation in the P&F meeting will contribute significantly to the success of our school community. We look forward to seeing you at the Parents and Friends’ meeting on Tuesday evening as together, we can continue to create an environment where our children thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

National Sorry Day

This year National Sorry Day falls on Friday 26 May and is a day when we pause to remember the Stolen Generations of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

It leads us into the Week of Prayer for Reconciliation and National Reconciliation Week which is held each year between 27 May and 3 June.

2023 marks a significant year for the reconciliation movement, and this year’s theme, ‘Be a Voice for Generations’, urges all Australians to use their power, their words and their vote to create a better, more just Australia for all of us. The 2023 NRW theme calls on all Australians to act today to tackle the unfinished business of reconciliation.

• Reconciliation is all about building a better nation.

• A more united Australia that respects and takes pride in 65,000 years of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories, stories and achievements.

• An Australia that believes in the right of First Nations peoples to make decisions about their lives and their communities.

• An Australia that stands opposed to racism, inequity and injustice.

To be a voice for reconciliation today means the start of real change tomorrow. It means amplifying the calls of past generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples that have fought hard and paved the way. And it means using your power, your words and your vote to create a better, more just Australia for all of us.

Warm regards

Mrs Kerrie Piatek


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This Sunday the church celebrates the Ascension of Jesus. I have included a beautiful reflection by Sr Kerrie Cusack from the Sisters of St Joseph.

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Photo by Nheyob, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

The Ascension occurred in the life of Jesus when he left his followers, 40 days after the Resurrection and returned to His Father in heaven. ‘Why now?’ the disciples could be thinking as He disappeared from their sight and left them with his command to go out to all the world and be like him and spread the gospel. How could they do it without Him? His ascending is a loss for them. He is absent, or so it seems.

The disciples were never going to find this absence easy, as two struggled to recognise Jesus after the Resurrection on the road to Emmaus. Mary Magdalene thought he was the gardener at the empty tomb. Thomas needed proof that Jesus was the Christ and Peter’s old and trusted successes at fishing no longer satisfied. Jesus offered them peace, but they huddled together in the upper room, frightened and confused.

Like the disciples after the Ascension, we have also known moments of wondering why God seems to have disappeared. We can struggle finding God in today’s church and world, where violence, war, pandemics, natural disasters, scandals, abuse of power and a felt lack of welcome in our local parishes keeps us isolated.

How then, can we be open to the emerging ‘new’ that Jesus promised when he said: “It is better for you that I go away! You will be sad now, but your sadness will turn to joy. If I don’t go away, you will be unable to receive my spirit. Don’t cling to me, I must ascend.” (Jn 16:7,8) and ‘lifting up his hands, he blessed them’. (Lk 24:50)

The ascension of Jesus into heaven is not only about absence. Pope Francis would say “it tells us that He is living among us in a new way”. After all, Jesus did promise to be with us always and that ‘the Spirit of truth…You know him, because he abides with you and will be in you’. (Jn 15:17)

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The Cross Generational workshop continued for a second week. We were blessed with 9 seniors who joined us on Tuesday afternoon. The Seniors had many questions for our students on how to operate their devices including the set up of a new mobile phone and the transfer of photos onto an external hard drive. Sr Mary McDonnell also dropped in for visit to see how the workshop was going.

Mrs Kimberley Logue

Director of Mission and Vision

Religious Education Coordinator

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Ms Wendy Fawbert
Director of Teaching and Learning
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10.1 Food Technology

Students from 10.1 Food Technology have been having fun in class experimenting with foods for the unit "Food Trends." Today they enjoyed making a Breakfast Acai Bowl.

Year 9 Food Technology

This week Year 9 Food Technology made a cake and decorated it as part of their Year 9 assessment task. The cakes were amazing! Well done students.

Year 11 Design and Technology

On Tuesday 16 May, Year 11 Design and Technology attended a field observation to Curry Reserve Water Play Park at Elderslie. This excursion was an authentic learning experience for the students as for their second assessment task in Preliminary Design and Technology they have to;

"Design, produce and evaluate a design and scaled model for an urban space to be added to the surrounding area at Curry Reserve. The design must be inclusive, sustainable, safe and affordable. The design must meet the needs of the community and people using the space now and in the future. Aim to create an urban space measuring no larger than 225 sqm (15m by 15m)"

Students spent some time at the site observing the pre existing structures and nature strips, measuring out possible spaces, brainstorming and discussing ideas and sketching ideas for their solutions to the given brief.

Thank you to Mr Ghignone who drove the College bus to and from the site.

I am looking forward to what Year 11 Design and Technology students come up with for this task and who knows we may even have to take some of the designs to Camden Local Council to include in the park!

Lorena Ghignone

Year 11 Design and Technology teacher

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The Visual Art department has been busy again this term! All classes are working toward their practical assessment tasks. Mrs Castelli, Mrs Lane, Mr Hayden, Mr Earl and Ms Andonopoulos are looking forward to seeing their final works.

Year 7 Visual Art

Year 7 have begun creating their self portraits using funny faces and artist JR as their influence. Their task was to manipulate their portrait in photoshop to a monochromatic black and white image. They then use the grid drawing method to transfer their portrait to a large canvas before they begin painting using one colour in various tones that reflects their personality. We are still in the planning stages of this task but look forward to seeing their completed portraits on their assessment due date.

Year 10 Visual Art

Year 10 is currently exploring the world of printmaking with a particular focus on relief printing. Students are creating a self portrait in the Cubist style and carving this out using lino. Their assessment task this term is to experiment and research the variety of ways an artist can create successful prints using lino and the technique of relief printing. So far, we have explored blind embossing (to later stitch into using threads), multiple layers of colours and hand colouring using watercolour, acrylic paint and coloured pencils.

Year 11 Visual Art

Year 11 has been introduced to how artists use the human form in their artmaking. We will explore this through going right back to the stone age and continue through to contemporary art. Year 11 students have had fun drawing the human form in class through creating works like gesture drawings in 2, 5 and 10 minute intervals. This group’s assessment task this term is to create a proposal, research and experimentation in their VAPD to showcase what they intend to create for their final artwork utilising the technique of foreshortening.

Year 11 Photography

Year 11 has started the term exploring still life and how it has changed throughout the years from traditional Vanitas artworks from the 15th century to contemporary photography. Students are working towards a theory task that explores and compares the work of Harmen Van Steenwyck and contemporary Australian photographer, Marian Drew.

Year 10 Photography

Year 10 students captured an aspect of the sitter's personality through their investigation of portraiture in photography. Many students used symbolism to communicate their concept. Some of the concepts revealed the personality of the sitter and an appreciation of the person photographed.

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This term the Social Justice team is working with the Dharawal (Week 1-5) and Hildegard (Week 6-10) to promote the winter appeal. They have many exciting initiatives planned throughout the term for students to take in. Please keep a close eye on Compass notices for further information.

The winter appeal is upon us and I think the school community will agree that it has definitely felt like winter this week. With that in mind, the Social Justice team is asking students and families to donate food items to our winter drive that we can donate to We Are Community and St Vincent de Paul. These can be brought to school every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to Mrs Castelli and Mr Bulfon in the TAS Courtyard during STRIVE. The list allocated to each group is below.

Friday Week 1, Term 3 will see the introduction of Winter Fest. Winter Fest, like Bennies Bring a Blanket, will raise funds and awareness for those in our community who need a helping hand. During this afternoon, House groups will run various activities with one of them being market stalls that will sell treats and hot chocolate as well as student musical performances. The Social Justice team will also host the soup kitchen again. If you are interested in attending this afternoon, please look out for further information and for permission notes on Compass.

If you have any suggestions or would like to join the team, please contact Mrs Castelli or attend one of our meetings held in J1 at Recess on Thursday Day 4 and Friday Day 10.

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Mrs Sara-Jane Castelli

Social Justice Coordinator

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CEDoW Step into Teaching $20K Scholarship Program

On Thursday 11 May, period 5, students interested in a teaching career in Years 10 - 12 attended a guest speaker presentation from Mrs Sherryn Moore, Professional Officer of Leadership and Professional Growth from CEDoW and former student Morgan White, a recipient of this scholarship.

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Scholarship Packages for Yrs 11 and 12 Students


Step into Teaching Scholarship Program

WHO CAN APPLY: Yr 12 students seeking to enrol in any of the following degrees:

  • Primary or Secondary Education at a Catholic University OR

  • Primary Education at Western Sydney University or University of Wollongong with a commitment to completing the Broken Bay Institute (BBI) Religious Education units as part of their education degree.

  • Secondary teaching across the following teaching areas at any University:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science (biology, chemistry, physics)
  • Senior Computing: Software design and information processes and technology,
  • Technology and Applied Studies


Students need to achieve an ATAR of 80 or above and participate in an interview.


More than five (5) scholarships available per year:

  • Total of $20,000 over four (4) years

  • Opportunity for indentured conditionally permanent teaching position in the diocese on completion

  • For Education degrees - Potential offer of classroom school support officer employment during the first 3 years of university study

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Step into Teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarship Program.

WHO CAN APPLY: Yr 12 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who intend to commence undergraduate courses in teacher training in either:

  • Primary Education at a Catholic University OR

  • Primary Education at either Western Sydney University or University of Wollongong with a commitment to completing the Broken Bay Institute (BBI) Religious Education units as part of their education degree.
  • Secondary teaching across any teaching area at any University


Students need to attain a minimum of three Band 5 HSC results, including one in English and Two units of Mathematics Band 4 and participate in an interview.


More than five (5) scholarships available per year:

  • Total of $20,000 over four (4) years

  • Opportunity for indentured conditionally permanent teaching position in the diocese on completion

  • For Education degrees - Potential offer of classroom school support officer employment during the first 3 years of university study

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This is a new opportunity presented to our Diocese from ACU

How this Program Works (see FLYER)

This program targets Year 11 students. These students will be required to apply to ACU. Successful Year 11 applicants will attend ACU campus for one week in the September school holidays to complete one unit and in the following January school holidays (before students return to Year 12) they would attend ACU campus for another week to complete the second unit. They must pass each unit to gain credit.

Support from CEDoW

CEDoW supports this Program by offering scholarships covering costs for course fees of the SUIT Program. Students must apply through the expression of interest form and will be presented to a panel for consideration. Students may also be required to attend an interview with CEDoW.

To access application form

For further information and eligibility criteria see your TaPs Coordinator Mr Mustapic or go to the CEDoW website

Mark Mustapic

Careers Adviser/TaPS

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Information in this calendar list is correct at the time of publication but is subject to change without notice.

Monday 22 May - DIO Cross Country

Tuesday 23 May - Year 12 Mid-Course Presentation of Awards

Tuesday 23 May - P & F Meeting - 6pm

Wednesday 24 May - Big Science Competition

Wednesday 24 May - Year 11 2024 Subject Market and Information Evening

Thursday 25 May - Year 12 Geography Excursion

Friday 26 May - National Sorry Day

Friday 26 May - Year 9 Reflection Day

Tuesday 30 May - Year 11 Mid-Course Presentation of Awards (Period 1)

Thursday 1 June - DIO Basketball (Yr 7-8 & 9-10 Qualifying Tournament)

Friday 2 June - Year 9 History Elective - Q Station Manly

Friday 2 June - Feast Day

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Numeracy Focus Areas Term 2:


Students have been engaging in a range of scientific activities that align with numeracy competencies such as unit conversions, measuring liquids using scientific equipment and drawing graphs. We are looking at the essentials in these areas and trying to develop student skills so they are confident in using these within the scientific context. Graphing is a competency that is across various Key Learning Areas.

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Students have been provided with geography skills lessons in an effort to address the multiple choice and short answer section of the HSC paper. Students have these lessons with me, once a fortnight in order to ascertain HOW to solve geographical problems which involve mathematical skills. This is a prime example of where numeracy understanding is imperative!

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College P & F Uniform Pool orders

P & F Uniform Pool order form - click here

The P & F preloved Uniform Pool has reopened, please complete the order form and send to the P & F by email at: Our wonderful P&F volunteer Tracey will contact you.

Items can be paid for and collected from the SBCC College Office. We do not return, exchange or refund on 2nd hand clothing as these are donated by families.

Donations of items in good condition can be left at the College Office.

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