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  • 1040EZ
  • Form W-2
  • 1099INT
  • Tax Table Chart


  • IRS


  • W-2 from employer
  • 1099INT from emplyer
  • 1040EZ Bank

  • April 15

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How to fill out the 1040EZ Form

fill in box 1 from the 1040EZ for to look at the W-2 form box 1 wages,tips ect.

-Look at the W-2 form for the taxable interest insert into box 2 on the 1040EZ

-Enter the unemployment if any reserved

-Add Box 1,2,3 on the 1040EZ form

-Add 350 to the to wages salaries and tips.

-Next on part D, E and G you claim as a single you do 6,300

-Enter 6,300 into box 5

-Then read on to subtract 6,300 from line 4

-Now you look at the 1099INT From to find the federal income tax withheld number 2

-Enter that number into box 7

-If no earned income tax you enter 0

-Then add line 7 and 8a to get number 9

-look back ant number 6 use that number in the tax chart

-Than look back at the tax table to find the number as a single use that number to get number 10 on the 1040EZ Form.

-Add line 10 and 11 and you enter that number in 12

-If line 9 is larger than 12 ,subtract line 12 from line 9 and you get that he owes and you enter that number in number 14.