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What is The Surgical Technologist Database Guide?

This guide will show you how to use "The Surgical Technologist" to find journal articles for your assignments. The monthly journal is from the Association of Surgical Technologists (AST). The database gives access to current and back issues from 1998 to present.

Many of the things you learn from this guide can be used in our other library databases.

You will be given search strategies, and other helpful hints, for searching "The Surgical Technologist" before starting your own searching. There is a short quiz at the end to see how well this tutorial worked for you.

Let's Begin...

Logging into "The Surgical Technologist"

Username: ASTJournal

(Ignore the request for an eMail address)

Password: 6GaR@tp8-2

**If you are unable to log into the journal, check to verify your browser is set to collect cookies. You may have to manually add the URL for the journal to your exceptions list. You may have to make six (6) attempts at logging in. This recommendation comes from AST and they provide no other way to work around this issue.

Why databases?

The best way to find journal articles for your assignments is to use the library's databases and journal subscriptions.

While just Googling is quicker, you cannot always verify the accuracy of a website...or worse, you may be asked to pay $$ for limited use of an article you find online that you could be getting free from the library!

To find "The Surgical Technologist" , and all of our other journal article resources on our website, select Resources from the Research drop down menu on the toolbar. Then select Library Resources A to Z.

You can also select Library Resources by Subject, then select the subject or your program.

Finding "The Surgical Technologist"

Once you have reached the page will a listing of databases, scroll down the screen until you reach "The Surgical Technologist".

You will click on "Click here to access The Surgical Technologist" to access the journal and start your search journey.

Three Ways to Search "The Surgical Technologist"

There are three method to search for articles in the "The Surgical Technologist"

1. You may browse through the collection by year and month at the "Journal Archives".
2. You may use the CE Library to see a collection of articles organized by topics.
3. Use CINAHL Complete to search for articles by keyword terms.

Browsing "The Surgical Technologist"

There is no option to directly search for journal articles across "The Surgical Technologist" archives.

You can browse issues in the Journal Archives by month and year to select an issue to read.

You can also use articles based on Continuing Education (CE) credit. The CE Library lists articles by topic. A collection of the articles by subject can be found here.

Using the CE Library

Click Earn CE Now to access the Continuing Education Resource Center.

Scroll down to see a collection of articles organized by topic.

A Search box is available for topic and articles within this section or you can browse the full list.

Click on the blue box to read an article.

You will need to have Adobe Reader installed your computer as all articles are in .pdf format.

Articles are free to read. As this is a library subscription, you would need to log in with your own credentials to obtain your own CE credit.

Once you have opened the article, you can print or download a copy of it using those options in Adobe Reader.

Use CINAHL Complete to find articles in "The Surgical Technologist"

"The Surgical Technologist" is indexed in CINAHL Complete . You can search the publication by selecting "Publications" in the upper tool bar of CINAHL Complete. Type "Surgical Technologist" in the search box of the publications section. Click "Browse". "Mark" the title and then "Add", then "Search" in the top search box. You will see a result list of all the articles in "The Surgical Technologist" that is indexed in CINAHL Complete.

Then add your keyword terms in the second search box and the search engine will search your term within the "The Surgical Technologist".

When you see an article that looks interesting, click on the title of it to read the citation.

Press Print from the Tools menu on the right side of the screen to retrieve the information ( year, month volume, issues, page number(s)) you will need to find the article in "The Surgical Technologist".

Click here to access CINAHL Complete from our database's page to begin searching.

If you are off-campus, you will need to login with your Trocaire network ID and password.


You only want to use the main points of the topic as your keywords.

Keywords are the words you enter into a database or search engine to find information on a topic.

Keywords are critical for effective database searching. They...

  • help you focus on a topic.
  • help you focus your research.
  • eliminate extraneous articles.
  • are better for Internet searching.

Using Journal Archives

Journal Archives is only visible when you first log into the site. Use the back button if you have been browsing the site.

Use the information from CINAHL Complete to find the article you wish to read.

To find the article:

  • Flip to the article with your mouse or finger on a device
  • Use the arrow buttons on the lower right hand side
  • Enter the page number you wish to read
  • Use the search option to look within the issue
The toolbars in the lower left hand corner allow you to:
  • Bookmark
  • Download
  • Select text
  • Enlarge or view in full screen
  • Print
  • Share the article with a QR Code, link, email or social media

Citing "The Surgical Technologist" in APA

You will use the APA citation rules for online journal articles.

Author’s Last Name, First Initial. Middle Initial. (Year). Title of article. The Surgical Technologist, Volume(Issue), pages. Retrieved from complete URL of article

Miller, K. (2016). Creating history through strength and education. The Surgical Technologist, 48(5), 204. Retrieved from

**The hanging indent does not show up in this guide, but is necessary for APA format.

To retrieve the URL from the journal archives section:

  • Click the Share icon from the toolbar
  • Check the box next to Share current page to get the full URL
  • Press Copy to add the URL the clipboard to paste into your citation.

If you are using the CE Library, you can use the URL at the top of .pdf of the article.

Citing "The Surgical Technologist" in MLA

You will use the MLA citation rules for online articles for citing "The Surgical Technologist".

Author’s Last Name, Author’s First Name. “Title of Article with Proper Capitals.” The Surgical Technologist, volume, issue, date, pages. Complete URL without http. Date of access (optional).

Miller, Kimberly. "Creating History Through Strength and Education." The Surgical Technologist, vol. 48, no. 5, May 2016, p. 204. Accessed 28 Sept. 2016.

**The hanging indent does not show up in this guide, but is necessary for MLA format.

Use the instructions above to obtain the URL for your citation.

Created by: Keri Thomas-Whiteside, Information Literacy Librarian. Fall 2016
Updated by: Cindy Seitz, MLS. Fall 2016.