The Gangster LIfe of Al calpone

By:Ethan Russell

Capone's Early Years

Al Capone was born on january 17 1899, in Brooklyn, New York. He was born to Teresina and Gabriel Capone. Al Capone was not a great student growing up. He slapped his teacher in 6th grade and was expelled. He never returned to school. That is when he got involved with crime.
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Capone's Crime

In 1920 Al Capone's mult-million dollar Chicago operation in gambling, bootlegging, and prostitution dominated all the organized crime scene. Al Capone was responsible for many brutal acts mainly against other gangsters. He kidnapped George "Bugs" Moran. Moran and his men thought that Capone's men were the police because the men dressed as police officers. Capone was okay going to jail because he felt the pressure of other mobsters after him and wanted a break.
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Prison for Capone

Al Capone went to jail on Oct 17 1931. He went to the state prison for 11 years for carrying a concealed weapon. He ran his empire from his own jail cell. He had his furniture, rugs and other luxuries brought into his jail cell. He was eventually sent to Alcatraz because he did not follow the rules of the state prison and for tax evasion. He stayed in Alcatraz for 17 years.
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His Final Days

Al Capone contracted syphilis from the many prostitutes he dealt with. The disease caused other health issues for Capone. He had a stroke and was hospitalized. Al Capone died of cardiac arrest on January 25th, 1947 in Palm Island, Florida. His grave is in Mount Carmel cemetery in Proviso Township, Illinois.
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