Final Poject

By: Brooke Maloy

3.P.1.1 Infer changes in speed or direction resulting from forces acting on an object.


Set a soccer ball on the ground and stare at it. Wait for the students to ask you what you are doing. Tell them you are playing soccer. When students start debating that you're not playing soccer, start the a class discussion on what you would have to do to play soccer.


Set up classroom into 10 different stations. Each station will represent one sport. The stations will each have equipment for the sport. The equipment can either be real or toys. The students will be put into groups 2-3. Each student will have a sheet that has a column for the station number and a column where they write what kinds of force being used in the sport. Also supply a information sheet and rules for each game incase the students dont know how the game is played. The force column will have either push, pull, or both and an explation of why they thought that. At the end of the stations have the class gather together and have a class discussion about the findings. Make a tally of the push, pull, or both forces in each sport and what each group recorded.


Students will watch video about force & motion
3-2-1 Contact #24 - Play Ball! - Motion & Forces


"Summer Olympics"

The students will get a list of all the different Summer Olympic games. They will be placed in groups of 4. Each group will have to research how the games are played and all the rules. The students as a group will choose two sports to reconstruct for the class. The groups will have to explain how force is being used in this game. We will hold mini "Olympics" with the shot put, javelin, discs as the games. Students will measure distances of each and record force applied.


Students will be evaluated based on findings from their stations on each of the different games. Students will also be evaluated at the end of this lesson by having to write three different sports and the forces used in that sport, and how it is being applied. These will be turned into the teacher as the students are leaving class.